When is the best time to visit Italy

While seaside resorts are bursting at the seams especially in the hot summer months, a good time for visiting any of Italian cities or historical sites is any time throughout the whole year. The greatest peace in Italian cities you encounter during the summer, especially in August, as local residents are moving to the sea to escape the unbearable heat of the sun. Lots of hotels in cities thus offer accommodation in very good prices, contrary to the coastal ones, where prices for rooms are up to four times higher than usual price.

Italy, Pisa
Photo by Julius for travelviaitaly.com

For majority of the tourists the most attractive time to stay at sea is June and July. It is a time when holidays start in the most countries so the family set off to sea. In Italy, summer school holidays begin already in June (17.6.) and last till the end of August. Italy is a very popular country among tourists, so we recommend to book accommodation well in advance though. If you want to avoid the largest masses of tourists, it is advisable to plan your staying in Italy in autumn, winter or during the first spring months.

Further note, that the pilgrims flood Rome on Easter and Venice in February, when famous Carnival takes place here. Venice then have three times more tourists than locals. The period from January to March is the best period for skiing.

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