5 Key Reasons You Should Never Spend A Year Without Holiday

After countless hours of work, errands and everyday jobs that we normally handle routinely, the body is constantly under a lot of stress would definitely be screaming for some relaxation. For this reason, most people travel on holiday to break away from the normal surroundings they are used to and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, one thing to note about the human body is that if you don’t pay attention to its demands, it would one day not longer be able to handle the pressure and succumb to the demands of work. There could be very disastrous and can result in nervous breakdown, other forms of sicknesses and even death. There are five key reasons it is important to take that much needed holiday which also comes with other benefits you might not have realized:

Holidays by Julius for Travel via Italy

1. Enhances your productivity

Doing the same things day in day out usually affects your creativity levels since your mind is used to routines. A change of environment through holidays allows your mind to refresh increasing your productivity levels when you return to work. A lot of stuff too is learnt during that time. You can learn different cultures and new facts about different places. This makes you more open minded, get inspired, come up with new ideas and you might even change your views or opinions.

2. Comes with health benefits

Not many people get the chance to exercise or engage in physical activities due to a busy schedule. Holiday gives you an opportunity to boost your physical fitness by engaging in physically involving activities. These activities will vary depending if you are with your partner or kids and also your choice of holiday destination. Jogs, walks, and swimming can be done in most holiday travel destinations while others such as kayaking, hiking and mountain climbing require pre planning.

3. Reconnects you to your loved ones

Most families and couples rarely get time to know each other better and bond. Going for a holiday works well in bringing you closer to your family. On the other hand you may decide to leave the kids behind and enjoy a romantic time with your spouse so as to reignite the sparks in you marriage. This type of interactions allows you to be freer since it gives you an opportunity to show your partner or family the less serious side of you.

4. You get to meet new people

Rarely you will go on holiday and fail to make a new or several new friends. Humans are designed to interact with one another is whatever situation they find themselves in, sharing ideas and generally killing boredom and having a good time. It is normally easier to make new friends while in holiday compared to when you are in your day to day work environment. This is because you are more relaxed and open to new things.

5. Good for psychological well being

An overworked and non relaxed person tends to be grumpy and less happy with life compared to a relaxed one. It is therefore necessary to have self reflection and discovery and what better way than through a holiday. A holiday will allow you to meditate while reflecting on who you are and your past experiences. This exercise makes you more self-confident when you go back to your normal duties.

It is important to choose a holiday destination that will cater for your needs. Going through activities offered by different destinations and creating a schedule helps in making your holiday more enjoyable.

Kim Paters is a travel agent working with one of the most renowned travel agencies in Africa. She has unrivaled passion for blogging and often talks about her jouney in Africa especially Nigeria which you can follow on Buzz Nigeria.

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