Amalfi – an extremely popular town with beautiful natural surroundings

If you are among those who have not taken a holiday yet, but still didn’t make the decision of where to head this time, we have a tip. What about southern Italy and its charming town of Amalfi? This exceptionally attractive resort offers clean sea and beaches, romantic coastal cliffs and mountains, numerous historical monuments, cheap accommodation and a relaxed seaside atmosphere.

Amalfi is the largest city (however it has only 6000 inhabitants) on the coast, which is called Costiera Amalfitana, and is located on the southern part of the Sorrento peninsula, about 50 km south of Naples. It is an extremely popular resort with beautiful natural surroundings.

Amalfi, Campania, Italy
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Jimmy Harris


Amalfi was in the 9th and 10th century, the rich and powerful maritime republic, there was even the Naval Act (Tavola Amalfitana), whose specimen can now be seen in the local museum at City Hall. The city has long fought against the Saracens, finally it was conquered by Normans in 1073 and in 1135 was devastated by invaders from the Tuscan Pisa. But it is important place as it is a birthplace of Flavio Gioja​​ – the inventor of the compass (although modern scholarship disputes that he ever existed).

Today it is a purely small town living from tourism. It has boat connections with Naples, Salerno and the island of Capri. There are several historical celebrations here created especially for tourists.

Amalfi Dome, Campania, Italy
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup

Historical landmarks and surrounding countryside

The city is also very attractive thanks to its monuments, especially beautiful St.Andrea Dome of Amalfi from 10th century. It was rebuilt in 1200 into the Arab-Norman style, and several times later as well. The Dome itself is romantically situated at the end of a long staircase and overlooks the town. Besides the dome there is Chiostro del Paradiso, a cloister from the 13th century, which shows the influence of Saracen. It is a place where the most important people of Amalfi were buried.

Visitors to Amalfi town can enjoy the high-quality facilities. You will find everything you need to spend a relaxed holiday here. You can stay in one of lots of more or less expensive hotels, or in some cheaper accommodation that offer family guesthouses. Sometimes it is good to ask locals who will be glad to accommodate you right at their houses. Outside the summer months many accommodation facilities offer attractive discounts.

The biggest attractions of the city and its surroundings are without a doubt the local nature and landscape. Romantic and beautiful rocks, hills and mountains, coasts and cliffs with many beautiful beaches and clean sea, are the most important advantages of Amalfi region.

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