Arcidosso – a charming mountain town in Tuscany

Arcidosso is a charming mountain town, situated in the south of Tuscany at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level at the foot of the mountain, or rather an extinct volcano of Monte Amiata (1193 m). From here the visitors can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the adjacent lake.

Its dominant feature is majestic castle – fortress, Rocca Aldobrandesca, which, at first sight, is hiding a very rich history. The first surviving written record of the fortress dates back to 860 AD.

Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy
Arcidosso, Tuscany, Italy by Bender

Other attractive historical monuments are those of Chiesa di San Leonardo and Chiesa della Madonna dell’Incoronata (Church of the Crowned Madonna). Arcidosso is also a place of numerous celebrations and festivals. One of the most popular music festivals takes place here in November, featured with a tasting of freshly pressed olive oil.

From the Middle Ages to the present, the local residents lived from herding (mainly goats and sheep) and agriculture (vines, olives and fruit), however at this time they are more focused on the production of ornamental garden plants. Even today there are many families making cheese, wool or leather in the ​​traditional mode.

Arcidosso streets, Tuscany, Italy
Arcidosso streets, Tuscany, Italy by Razvan Orendovici

Arcidosso is a quiet place, located 55 km northeast of Grosseto, 75 km southeast of Siena and 100 km south of Florence. Its location and picturesque scenery in this secluded corner of Tuscany is ideal for those who want to observe Italian way of life in its natural original form.

While wandering the surrounding countryside you can also visit the nearby nature reserve of Monte Labro.

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