Best Skiing Resorts in Italy for Snow Reliability

To enjoy skiing, a snow sure resort is very important as it’s the only way this winter sport can be enjoyed by its devotees. While most of the locations have snow during the heavy winter months, some are guaranteed snow reliability for a longer season than others.

As such, before booking a skiing holiday, the resorts snow reliability at different periods of the year should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, a snow enthusiasts may end up disappointed knowing they booked the wrong resort.

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To make your search easy for your next winter holiday, we have put together a list of some of the best skiing resorts in Italy for snow reliability.


This is one Italian skiing resort where you are guaranteed snow reliability even during the drier Italian winter months. Cervinia is snow sure from December through to the end of April.

In addition, the main runs have good grooming and snowmaking facilities to make sure the place is always in a condition to allow skiers enjoy their preferred winter sport.

Cervinia, Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Cervinia and The Matterhorn (Monte Cervino), Valle d’Aosta

It is a high-altitude resort with excellent long runs and linked to Zermatt in Switzerland by lifts – and this international route covers a total of 360km.

Before the 1930s, the resort had a Swiss-German-sounding name and was known as Breuil until Benito Mussolini decreed for it to be changed and called its more Italian name that is presently now Cervinia.

Despite the fact that most Italian ski resorts have spectacular scenery, Cervina has a contrasting and unflattering view especially when looked at from the Italian side peak.

Its rather ugly architecture makes it look even more unpleasant, but its slopes offer an outstanding playground made possible by the easy gradient of its seemingly endless runs. As a result, beginners and intermediates that are still shaky are quick to gain colossal confidence in this all-encompassing high-mountain terrain.

Cervinia ski resort, Aosta, Italy
Cervinia ski resort, Aosta by Leo-setä


Another skiing resort to be guaranteed snow reliability in Italy is Livigno. Its skiing season begins in early November and ends in the beginning of May.

While it is not the resort with the longest snow availability in the country, it does start earlier than most other ski resorts and has made it a desired destination among snow enthusiasts.

Livigno, Lombardy, Italy
Livigno, Lombardy by fran-42

In addition, the resort has positioned itself as a special entertainment hub by organising various yearly events such as the World Rookie Tour, the European Freeride Festival among others.

Livigno also boasts of easily accessible and up-to-date facilities that spread over a 115 km terrain with impeccably tended slopes suitable to skiers of all levels.

Panoramic Livigno, Lombardy, Italy
Panoramic Livigno, Lombardy by Marcin Sulikowski

Passo Tonale

Passo Tonale is one of the best skiing resorts in Italy for snow reliability. This resort boasts of a snow sure season that lasts for a whooping seven months (October to May).

Featuring exceptionally comfy and modern aerial lifts, the resort is used for training by the Italian national team because of its guaranteed snow coverage.
Besides being a snow-sure resort, Passo Tonale is a skiing paradise for beginners.

With six well marked rails geared towards beginners, this sunny resort with gentle slopes is the ultimate destination for learners to gain confidence and perfect their skills.

Passo Tonale, Trento, Italy
Passo Tonale, Trento by Josef Grunig

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