Bosa Marina – popular seaside resort in Sardinia

Approximately 3 km from the town of Bosa, located on the west coast of Sardinia, is situated holiday resort of Bosa Marina. Along this recreation area stretches sandy beach, which is, at some places, lined with rocks. The beach has a gradual entry into the sea and the interesting thing is that the sand contains iron.

Apart from Bosa Marina, this area is dotted with a number of other tiny resorts with many small ports. In Bosa Marina is even a yacht harbor. The bay is home to numerous species of fish and also a paradise for divers. The resort is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, which attracts to walking trips.

Bosa, Sardinia, Italy
Bosa Marina, Sardinia from Serravalle’s Castle (Malaspina) – river Temo by raffaelesergi1977

The historic city of Bosa is a main place of entertainment, shopping and culture for holidaymakers staying in the local resorts. The city has retained its historic character until now and is famous for the manufacture of knitted reed baskets. It is a home to around 8000 permanent inhabitants, who live mainly from handicraft production, agriculture and tourism.

In the past, Bosa was the most important town in Sardinia, as evidenced by the preserved historical city’s heart. On display are ancient monuments, churches, wrought balconies on the patrician palaces with courtyards and unique are also winding cobblestone streets.

Bosa and its castle seen from the river Temo, Sardinia, Italy
Bosa and its castle seen from the river Temo, Sardinia by Angelo73

Today, however, are lined with lots of souvenir shops. You can sit and try a good local meal or a glass of wine in numerous restaurants, pizzerias and cafes. On the square you can hide under several palm trees, which provide much-needed shade during hot summer days.

History lovers will certainly enjoy a visit to the nearby Castello di Serravalle, also known as Castello Malaspina, where you can get by walking up the narrow winding streets.

Castello di Serravalle (Castello Malaspina), Bosa, Sardinia, Italy
Castello di Serravalle (Castello Malaspina) by Gioben13

Very valuable secular building is the church of San Pietro Extra Muros from 1073, which became the oldest Romanesque church in Sardinia, although figural decoration on the facade shows signs of early Gothic.

San Pietro Extra Muros, Bosa, Sardinia, Italy
San Pietro Extra Muros, Bosa by Carlo Pelagalli

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