Skiing in Civetta – popular ski area in the Veneto Dolomites

You will find the popular Civetta ski area in the Veneto Dolomites. There are a number of small towns and villages located throughout the region and more than ninety kilometers of slopes located in Civetta that range from 2,100 meters down to 979 meters above sea level.

About 25 ski lifts can be found throughout the region which will take you to the top of the more popular slopes. Some of the most popular resorts in the Civetta ski area include Selva di Cadore, Alleghe, Pecol, Pescul, Zoldo as well as Palafavera.

Civetta, Veneto, Italy
Civetta, Veneto, Italy by Conanil

There are countless hotels as well as bed and breakfasts located throughout the area. A number of fine restaurants can be found in all of the towns and villages located throughout the region.

Unlike many of the more upscale resort locations in Italy, the Civetta is perfect for those with kids who want to go skiing as a family.


The town of Palafavera is well known in the area as it offers a well-lit slope which allows one to ski throughout the night.

There is also a free bus service in the area that will take you to the various resorts located throughout the popular Dolomiti Superski area.

Pelmo mountain, as seen from Palafavera, Veneto, Italy
Pelmo mountain, as seen from Palafavera, Veneto, Italy by Mauro742


Located at 979 meters above sea level, the picturesque town of Alleghe represents the lowest altitude of the Civetta area runs. The town is home to one of the region’s most renowned ski resorts.

Situated along the shores of a lake in the beautiful Agordo Valley, the town of Alleghe gives you access to popular skiing areas such as Val di Zoldo, Selva di Cadore as well as Palafavera.

Malga Ciapela

Located at 1,450 meters above sea level, the small village of Malga Ciapela can be found at the foot of the local Marmolada glacier.

Marmolada, Dolomites, Italy
Marmolada, Dolomites by Much89

The village gives you direct access to the glacier’s 12 kilometer long La Bellunese slope which starts in Punta Rocca at an altitude of 3,270 meters above sea level.

Nearby you will find the very popular Torch Walk down a small trail that connects to the village of Sottoguda via the Serrai Gorge.

Malga Ciapela, Punta Rocca, Dolomites, Italy
Malga Ciapela, Punta Rocca, Dolomites by Dirgela

Civetta Snowpark

The newest location within the Civetta ski region is the Civetta Snowpark which was designed and developed especially for the snowboarders. The Snowpark can be found in the town of Zoldo.

The place is fully lit throughout the night so it can stay open throughout the entire season. Complete with a half pipe, the Civetta Snowpark is quickly becoming one of the more popular destinations in the ski area.

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