Tourism and UNESCO: 49 good reasons to visit Italy


Sometimes no matter how much wealth you have, how rich the booty that is guarded, how much gold there is in your nose sometimes those who have the good fortune of holding in your hands a fortune has the misfortune not to notice. And then just a moment and luck is wasted. Italy, in this, holds a dubious distinction: the Bel Paese, in fact, there is a high concentration of sites that UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site and – what’s more – in addition to the physical locations are also of “intangibles” that fall into this coveted list. Yet it seems that you can not take full advantage of these resources and to enhance the area.
How many of you, directly or indirectly, will have heard uttered the famous quote by Professors “is smart but does not apply”? Italy is a bit ‘like this: the talent to do the lion’s share in the forest often tangled in the tourism sector would all; World Heritage sites according to UNESCO would be perfect mane to establish supremacy over many other countries in terms of income derived from tourism, but there is always a but. The “but” it is linked to the fact that Italy is dozing on a diamond mine but does not seem to know where to begin to extract them and enjoy their value.
“What is essential is invisible to the eye”

A wealth does not have to be something purely material. There are things that, although they are invaluable, they are not actually tangible. In Italy, for example, there are four things that UNESCO has decided to nominate World Heritage making them fall into the category reserved for intangibles. They are great little magic all Italian characterizing, for example, the identity of the two large islands par excellence in this prestigious list, in fact, also includes the work of the Sicilian puppets and the chanting of the Sardinian shepherds. Then there is also another important treasure, all Italian, that is the craft of violin makers of Cremona city and even a culinary touch. After all it is not true that we often speak of Italy for its fashion and for its good food? Perhaps this is why the diet
Mediterranean has entered fully into the list reserved for Heritage
5% of World Heritage is in Italian

UNESCO has begun to draw up the list of World Heritage of humanity and Italy, although he had to wait seven years before they see a place of its territory in this important list, then quickly recovered. As reflected in the data: the sites nominated World Heritage Site are in fact 981 and of these 49 are well in Italy. Among the first wonders of our boot that were included in the list are the rock carvings of Val Camonica and the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie which holds within it “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci, while one of the last treasures that can boast of having been recently included in this list of beauties are the gardens and villas of the Medicis, Tuscany, and the Etna volcano.

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