Assenza di Brenzone – ancient picturesque village at Lago di Garda

On the eastern shore of Lake Garda, at the foot of Monte Baldo lies a small village Assenza di Brenzone. It is one of the 15 villages forming region Brenzone in Veneto in the north of Italy. Assenza di Brenzone consists only of a few houses, it is a peaceful village rich in many beauties.

At the point where Assenza di Brenzone is situated, Lago di Garda reaches its greatest depth, which is up to 350 meters. This ancient picturesque village is nicely nestled between the lake and the nearby mountains, which are already quite hight in this place. Once you come here you will certainly feel that time stopped in the village many years ago. A place near the village of Assenza di Brenzone was in the past the scene of many important historical events.

Lago di Garda, Veneto, Italy
Lago di Garda, Veneto, Italy by Leo-setä

The village is now a popular tourist center, where visitors will find quality accommodation, plenty of dining options and sports. The lake offers ideal conditions for windsurfing and sailing, there are held even major International Regatta. You should not miss the tasting of local fish specialties and delicacies, especially sardines.

Assenza di Brenzone is a great starting point for hiking and cycling trips. Around the lake there are many hiking and cycling trails that begin in the village, many of which lead up to Monte Baldo. Scenery around the resort is made up of chestnut trees, olive trees, almond trees, oleanders and cypresses. Assenza di Brenzone is one of the towns forming Riviera degli Ulivi, a name that Riviera got due to volume of olives growing in the area. The shore of Lago di Garda is at Assenza di Brenzone lined with narrow beach made of small stones, having a steeper entry into the water.

Should you wanted to go for entertainment in the area, you can visit the neighboring town of Malcesine (5km) and Brenzone (3 km). Both towns boast a beautifully preserved historic center, in Malcesine is even a castle built in the 13th century.

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