Frascati – important historical and artistic centre 20 km of Rome

Frascati is a small town, but very popular is the whole area and region around it. There are Colli Albani (The Alban Hills) – volcano mountains which are part of the natural park Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani. In this area there are 13 cities in total and all of them serve for one-day trips, mainly from the nearby Rome. The area is known for producing wines, especially white, called Frascati.

In the local hills there were many ancient villas, but in the Middle Ages they were replaced by numerous castles, which were later (16th and 17th century) again replaced by rural settlements, mostly containing beautiful gardens. Some of them are now great attractions for the lovers of history and art.

Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo in Frascati
Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo in Frascati by Dr. Norbert Heidenbluth

One of the most famous sights in Frascati is Villa Aldobrandini, which dates back to the 17th century. It is surrounded by a magnificent park, where you can find many artificial caves (grotto), sculptures, statues, fountains and other romantic places including nymfea.

Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati, Lazio, Italy
Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati, Lazio by CucombreLibre

In Frascati there are other villas, and also a huge Baroque cathedral. However the most popular place here is a town Castel Gandolfo without a doubt, the summer residence of the popes, which is located 6 km south of Frascati.

Castel Gandolfo town, Lazio, Italy
Castel Gandolfo by

Another place worth visiting is the Grottaferrata’s Abbey of San Nilo (3 km south of Frascati), founded in 1004. The whole abbey is surrounded by walls.

Noteworthy is also the church with a chapel, where you can find ​​frescoes created by Domenico Zampieri known as Domenichino, beautiful mosaics, especially marble sculptures of Bernini.

Abbey of San Nilo, Grottaferrata, Lazio, Italy
Abbey of San Nilo, Grottaferrata by gabriele82

The area boasts two lakes. Albano is greater, while the smaller one is called Nemi. Above it is standing the city with the same name featuring a large castle of the 9th century.

Lake Albano, Lazio, Italy
Lake Albano by Livioandronico2013

Nemi Lake, Lazio, Italy
Nemi Lake, Lazio by Livioandronico2013

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