Piazza Armerina

Somewhere in the middle of Sicily is hidden the Italian village of Piazza Armerina. Itself would not be so interesting if neukrývala lonely Roman villa Villa Romana del Casale. That made it famous archaeological site attracting more and more tourists and history lovers. So far, archaeologists could not find out who originally belonged to Villa Casale, but according to its

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Frascati – important historical and artistic centre 20 km of Rome

Cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo in Frascati

Frascati is a small town, but very popular is the whole area and region around it. There are Colli Albani (The Alban Hills) – volcano mountains which are part of the natural park Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani. In this area there are 13 cities in total and all of them serve for one-day trips, mainly from the nearby Rome.

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