Some Historic Facts about Italy

Maybe you didn’t know this before, but the word ‘Italy’ in Greek means the “land of cattle calves and veal”. This article is meant to introduce you briefly to some historic facts that have lead to build what is nowadays known as Italy, one of the most visited countries across Europe each and every year.

It is this history that has turned this country into a place rich in old vestiges and valuable cultural assets that attract the attention of millions of travelers every year, specially for the summer season. If you plan to spend your summer holiday in this country, it would be a nice thing to find out some historic facts related to this country.

The first thing we start with is the oldest civilization that has populated Italy, known as Etruscan civilization. Ancient Italy was populated by these people that have brought a lot of valuable inheritance in the nowadays Italian culture.

This people is known to have spoken a non-Indo-European language and have lived as a very sophisticated community with activities such as trading and architecture that have brought Italy the valuable creations that are spread in museums across the country. The part of Italy occupied by Etruscan was the North side and Greeks populated the South side. But after a while this entire region became known under the name of Magna Grecia.

The Roman Empire was formed as a powerful and dominant state but over the years they have come to pieces because of the invaders who frequently attacked it destroying many of the big cities and ancient empire. The Medieval Age has known a lot of struggles between Emperors, Pope and Kings along with numerous city-states rivalries.

When Renaissance (in Italy known as “Rinascimento”) movement was born it generated a lot of cultural vestiges that started to be known all over Europe. It is in this period of time, when the culture of Italy has thrived at its best giving birth to famous works of art that are hosted within the biggest museums across Italy. These works of art have been in their turn a great well of inspiration for all the painters, sculptors and architects of those times and the times that followed.

The modern Italy that we get to know these days is of recent origin because it was merely at the end of WWII when Italy has become a Republic after the fall of Mussolini and his fascist regime.

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