Aosta – 10 Things to do and visit

Aosta is also called the Rome of Alps, so there are many things to visit in Aosta, architecture, archeology and history. It also offer amazing views on snow covered mountains as the most famous Monte Bianco ( Mont Blanc ) and green pastures. Founded by Augusto Emperor, at the beginning Aosta was called: Augusta Praetoria Salassorum. Most romans monuments are

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Some Historic Facts about Italy

Maybe you didn’t know this before, but the word ‘Italy’ in Greek means the “land of cattle calves and veal”. This article is meant to introduce you briefly to some historic facts that have lead to build what is nowadays known as Italy, one of the most visited countries across Europe each and every year. It is this history that

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Circeo National Park – the third smallest national park in Italy

Circeo National Park, Lazio, Italy

Located along the southwestern coast of Italy, not far from the city of Rome is where you will find Monte Circeo. The mountain itself is situated upon a peninsula in the Gulf of Gaeta with water to the west, south and east. The national park which encompasses Monte Circeo includes a total land area of around 84 square kilometres. This

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