Italian Festivals in March

Usually, different communities stage different types of celebrations that mark some significant, unique events in their history. These celebrations are normally termed as festivals or gala.

In Italy, there are a series of seasonal festivals that occurs annually. Examples of these festivals include:

La Festa della Donna

This is a festival that is sometimes regarded as international women’s day in Italy celebrated on 8th March. This celebration first took place in 1909 in commemoration of the women who died in a fire in a factory in Chicago. This festival is celebrated all over Italy and on this day, men bring yellow mimosa flowers to the women in their lives as a sign of respect and unity.

Normally on this day, restaurants offer some special Festa della Donna cuisines and you will find various concerts all over this country. On this day, women tend to be favored for example they are always offered fair prices when they visit some landmarks in the country such as museums.

Mimosas given to women on La Festa della Donna, Italy
Mimosas given to women on La Festa della Donna by Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

Wine in the Springtime festival

This festival takes place every Sunday of the week in March. It is normally celebrated in a small town of Rovescala, Italy. On this day, parading, vintage car rallies, wine tasting, photo exhibits, local arts and crafts are always the order of the day. This festival is never complete without the delicious food and wines.

Commemoration of Caesar’s Death

This event is held on 14th March in Rome. On this day, the Romans commemorate the death of their dictatorial leader, Julius Caesar. Normally on this day, cultural events take place at the Roman Forum that is near Caesar’s statue.

Gaius Julius Caesar
Gaius Julius Caesar by Andrew Bossi

Feast Day of San Giuseppe

This event, also called Saint Joseph, Mary’s husband takes place on 19th March and it is usually celebrated all over Italy. This is always regarded as Fathers Day hence children present their fathers with gifts or even tell their fathers fastidious words and this makes the fathers feel special. Bonfires and displays with scenes from the life of Joseph, the father of Jesus.

Palio dei Somari

The word Palio dei Somari is an Italian word of Race of donkeys. This is an event held on 19th March, during the father’s day or Feast Day of San Giuseppe. This event takes place in Torrita di Siena a medieval village near Siena in Tuscany and it involves donkey races all over the streets. The winner is awarded the palio prize. There are also some vibrant pageants that occur.

Palio dei Somari, Torrita di Siena, Italy
Palio dei Somari, Torrita di Siena by Edisonblus

Rome Marathon

This festival occurs in the third Sunday of March every year and it involves a forty two kilometer marathon in the city of Rome. Normally, the race start at the Roman Forum and it ends in Colesseum. This marathon brings athletes from all over the world to participate in this historic event.

Rome Marathon, Italy
Rome Marathon by US Army Africa

Festa della Primavera

This is a spring festival held on 21st March and usually lasts for 3 days. Some of the event that takes place involves both adults and walking along paths covering a distance of four and seven kilometers respectively.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Though this event is not widely celebrated in most parts of Italy, it is always celebrated in cities with Irish pubs. It takes place on 17th March annually and some of the cities that hold these parties are; Florence, Rimini, Bologna, Rome and Verona. This event comes with parties, concerts, Irish foods and drinks and also games.

Visiting Italy in March, one get the opportunity to have fun they ever wished for as during this time, the climate is usually friendly. Why not take a walk to this place.

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