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Rome – the city is regarded as one of the birthplaces of western civilization, has a history that spans over two and half thousand years and is a treasure house of art and architecture of the middle ages. The Caesars, the influence Roma had on the western culture and tradition cannot be said enough.

It is today the fourth most populous city in the European Union and one of the most travelled to holiday destination. The dozens of historic buildings and monuments in the city coupled with the bustling modern city life, busy cafes, hard bitten taxi drivers, stylish men and women, Piazzas, fine dining restaurants, the warmth of the people, the eclectic mix of people and culture, traditional and modern adds to the charm of this magnificent city.

Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy
Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy / Photo by

It might be a 22 hours long flight all the way from Sydney to Rome, but it is worth it; even the jet lag won’t feel as bad once you behold the beauty that Rome is. The options that a tourist has here is simple amazing. From the costliest of the hotels with a view to a humble abode for a night or two, from the finest of Italian cuisines in the most famous restaurants to the open cafes and bistros serving varieties of Pizza and breads, from crazy street fashion to hi end boutique and couture collection – you will find them all here.

This is the ideal vacation hotspot – visit the city that nurtured Michelangelo in the oldest public gallery in the world – at Capitoline – admire the works of Tintoretto, Titian, Bernini and all the geniuses. The Colosseum still stands proudly in the heart of the city – relive the stories of the gory battles between the gladiators, slaves, prisoners and animals – the first amphitheatre that stood witness to all the blood and glory. The gardens of Rome are nothing like you have ever seen before. Villa Borghese is a must visit – find serenity amidst the beautiful blossoms, escape the crowds. If you are in Rome, The Pope and the Vatican are definitely on the list. St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel is the crowd pullers.

Pantheon, Rome, Italy
Pantheon, Rome, Italy / Photo by

Toss a coin at the Trevi Fountain; pose for some fun photos to post on the social networking sites. Visit the best preserved building of Rome – the Pantheon; it houses the tombs of the first king of united Italy and the artist Raphael. If you are in Italy, you cannot miss out on the finest of the gelatos – and the best place for it – San Crispino. The operas, the Piazzas, the spectacular views, the authentic pizza, delicious wine, book bars, antique markets, boutiques, sweet treats, night life and more makes Rome the wonderful place it is.

If you want to de stress, Europe is the way and nothing better than Rome. You deserve a vacation, book a cheap flight from Sydney and then back your bags. Make sure you have an extra bag to carry home all the stuffs that you are going to buy here for family and friends. It is a guarantee that you will have a great time.

The author is a young traveler from Australia. She is on a mission to travel to all famous cities all over the world and experience it firsthand. Travelling cheap is the only option. She started her journey from Melbourne, and thus opted for one of the cheap flights to Melbourne from Sydney and then flew to Rome.


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