Most beautiful beaches in Sardinia

Visiting Sardinia has always been a great decision, but it may have one complication: Picking the right one from the hundreds of beaches that fulfill your requirements and expectations.

Most of them look really amazing in the travel agency catalogs, but in fact they are even nicer. The following tips on the best beaches in Sardinia should help you with your choice.

Caves at Cala Luna, Sardinia, Italy
Caves at Cala Luna by Vasile Cotovanu

Just after Sicily, Sardinia is the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea and offers a plethora of beaches and opportunities for swimming or diving.

Here you will find everything from the sandy beaches of the south, pebble beaches which can be hardly reached at the east coast, western windy beaches with lots of shells and of course the famous Costa Smeralda with luxury yachts.

Costa Smeralda – northern Sardinia

Costa Smeralda is a kind of place where you can meet some of the richest Europeans. This part of northern Sardinia is full of luxurious and exclusive yachts harbored at ports such as Porto Cervo. Porto Cervo is one of the famous places among Europe’s elite. But there is also a number of public beaches and coastline, famous for its beauty.

Liscia Ruja

One of them is a beach Liscia Ruja on the fabulous bay of Cala di Volpe. It is surrounded by a Mediterranean forest and though this beach is quite often recommended in the travel guides you will still find some free place for you and your family. It is also known as a Long beach.

Liscia Ruja beach, Sardinia, Italy
Liscia Ruja beach by R.S.

Spiaggia del Principe

Another beach on Costa Smeralda, Spiaggia del Principe is a different category. This small and well hidden sandy beach is never empty, but on the other hand, is perfectly protected and great for families with small children. There is a summer bar at the beach.

Spiaggia del Principe, Sardinia, Italy
Spiaggia del Principe by Jakob Grunig

Cala Brandinchi

Often referred to as the most beautiful beach, Cala Brandinchi is sandy beach suitable for families with children known locally as Tahiti. It is located a few kilometers away of the city of San Teodoro, so you need a car to get there.

Cala Brandinchi, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Brandinchi by Simone Zucchelli

Golfo di Orosei – eastern Sardinia

Golfo di Orosei hides beaches that can be reached either by boat or by hiking through the mountains. Gulf of Orosei is probably the most fascinating area of the island.

It is situated on the eastern coast of Sardinia, and offers amazing 40-kilometer-long coastline, featured with beautiful caves, bays and coves, surrounded by beautiful sugar white beaches. The area is enhanced with towering limestone cliffs and hillsides covered with forests.

Golfo di Orosei, Sardinia, Italy
Golfo di Orosei by Gianni S. Piludu

Cala Luna

Cala Luna is for many the best beach in Sardinia. It is located 7 km south of Cala Gonone on the eastern coast of Sardinia.

This beach is made ​​up of a magnificent 700 meters long crescent of white sand and small pink pebbles. It’s not needed to remind that all the beaches in Sardinia offer crystal clear turquoise water and Cala Luna is no exception.

On the beach you can explore any of the six caves (see the first picture at the top of this article), or you can enjoy services of one of the beach bars and facilities for water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling and water skiing. Once you get tired of swimming, you can discover the limestone canyon, admiring the climbers.

Cala Luna beach, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Luna beach by Vasile Cotovanu

Cala Fuili

Cala Fuili lies between dense forests and crystal clear turquoise waters of the Gulf of Orosei. Except for August, this beach is relatively empty and therefore ideal for a private beach picnic.

Cala Fuili, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Fuili by

You can also visit other beaches that are not equipped with any facilities but provide plenty of privacy, white sand, clear waters and beautiful scenery:

Cala Sisine

Cala Sisine is a beach with deep and dark sea, protected by two steep hills covered by shrub.

Cala Sisine, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Sisine by claire rowland

Cala Mariolu

Cala Mariolu is a beach famous for its sea floor strewn with enormous white limestone boulders.

Cala Mariolu, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Mariolu by Roberto Cossu

Cala Goloritzè

Cala Goloritzè beach is nestled among snow-white marble rocks with beautifully colored sea. Thanks to the freshwater springs, the water here is a little colder.

Cala Goloritzè, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Goloritzè by Vasile Cotovanu

Costa Rei and Capo Carbonara – south-east Sardinia

Costa Rei and Capo Carbonara on the south-east coast of Sardinia are one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia. In addition to beautiful beaches we can find here a marine reserve protecting sea-grass known as Posidonia (Mediterranean tapeweed).

Costa Rei is the beautiful coast with the resort town of San Pietro. It is known for its 8 km long beach with white sand and pristine water. It is the ideal destination for fans of windsurfing, thanks to constant winds.

Cala Sinzias beach, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Sinzias beach by trinchetto

Neighbouring areas Cala Sinzias and Capo Ferrato offer besides the sandy beaches also volcanic cliffs, bays and islands.

Costa Rei is also an interesting archaeological zone, with Neolithic findings “Piscina Rei” and “Nuraghe Scalas” with well-preserved menhirs and nuraghe.

Punta Molentis

In the small town of Villasimius is a small beach Punta Molentis. Shallow waters make the perfect wading pool for small children, and on the other side is a rocky coast great for snorkeling. There are two seasonal restaurants, and you can also rent parasols here.

Punta Molentis beach, Sardinia, Italy
Punta Molentis beach by \/ /\ |_

Giunco ​​beach

Absolute gem represents Giunco ​​beach lying on the very south of Capo Carbonara. Right below the watchtower you will find a snow-white sandy beach with safe bathing.

The beach is situated between salt seawater and Notteri lagoon permanently inhabited by flamingos. The majority of the beach is free but a part belongs to the five star hotel Timi Ama, smartly built next to the beautiful lagoon.

You can rent a sea kayak, yacht or go water skiing. Once you have enough of water sports you can go for a half-hour walk up to the watchtower, from where you get a beautiful view of the coast and the mountains of southern Sardinia.

Porto Giunco beach, Sardinia, Italy
Porto Giunco beach by Marco Molino

Scoglio di Peppino

One of the most beautiful attractions of Costa Rei is certainly Scoglio di Peppino. It is a gray granite rock rising from the crystal-clear sea, offering a wonderful panoramic view of the Costa Rei.

Scoglio di Peppino beach, Sardinia, Italy
Scoglio di Peppino beach by Michela Simoncini

Southern Coast of Sardinia

Southern Sardinia offers long sandy beaches nestled in beautiful countryside. You may be tempted with beaches lying to the west of the town of Chia. The beaches here stretch for miles and from the west they are protected by Capo Teulada.

The sand often forms extensive dunes here and sometimes even small lakes, where you can also see flamingos.


One of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia is definitely the beach Tuaredda situated about 3 kilometers from the beaches of Chia, in a beautiful cove between Cape Teulada and Capo Malfatano. It offers a great view of nearby island of Tuaredda.

This beach has often its place among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sardinia for its fine sand and clear sea, that resemble a real Caribbean landscape.

Tuaredda beach, Sardinia, Italy
Tuaredda beach by emmequadro61

Su Giudeu

Su Giudeu beach is named after the rock, which rises directly over this part of the coast – Scoglio Su Giudeu. These are two rocky islets rising from a shallow sea. You can swim, or walk there as the max. depth of the sea here is 1 meter.

The beach is composed of fine sand and has a gradual entry into the sea making it the ideal destination for families with children.

Su Giudeu beach, Sardinia, Italy
Su Giudeu beach by Cristiano Cani

Porto Pino

About 80 km from the capital city of Cagliari on the southern coast of Sardinia lies the small holiday resort of Porto Pino. Its main attraction is almost 4 kilometers long sandy beach made ​​up of fine white sand that contrasts beautifully with the azure blue Mediterranean Sea.

Dune of Porto Pino beach, Sardinia, Italy
Dune of Porto Pino beach by Cristiano Cani

Western Coast of Sardinia

The west coast is full of long and deserted beaches with countless nature reserves. There are often waves here due to the prevailing westerly winds.

Is Arenas

The beach of Is Arenas will satisfy seekers of peace. You can take kilometers long walk on the soft sand or play a golf. There is also new camping on the beach.

Sunset at Is Arenas, Sardinia, Italy
Sunset at Is Arenas by Marco Assini

Is Arutas

Is Arutas is a beach known as beach bean rice because it is made ​​up of small fragments of granite, which just resemble rice. The shades then form a white, green and pink.

Is Arutas - white rice-sand beach, Sardinia, Italy
Is Arutas – white rice-sand beach by Daniele

Northern Coast of Sardinia

The northern coast is long and Rena Maiori beach can be a good tip. It is famous for the proximity of interesting Capo Testa. It features fine sand and excellent conditions for swimming and snorkeling around the coastal rocks.

Spiaggia Rosa (Budelli)

Spiaggia Rosa (The Pink Beach) is situated in Cala Roto, south-east of the island of Budelli which is a part of the Archipelago of La Maddalena. The beach was immortalized by director Michelangelo Antonioni in his film “Il deserto rosso” from the 1964.

Spiaggia Rosa can be admired from the boat, it’s not possible to enter it or swim here. Its pink color originated from a decaying marine organisms, fragments of pink coral and shells of small marine animals.

Spiaggia Rosa (island of Budelli), Sardinia, Italy
Spiaggia Rosa (island of Budelli) by luca giudicatti

La Pelosa beach (Stintino)

La Pelosa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. It is located in the province of Sassari, opposite the islands of Piana and Asinara, 2 kilometers from the town of Stintino. The sea is rich in fish, so it is great place for fans of snorkeling and diving. At the beach is a parking area, restaurant and refreshment kiosks.

La Pelosa beach, Sardinia, Italy
La Pelosa beach by Dirk Hartung

And which beach do you like the most?

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