Most beautiful places to visit in Basilicata

Basilicata region is situated in southern Italy. Its capital is Potenza. The most part of the area is covered by mountains. To the west it borders with Campania, to the east with Apulia and to the south with Calabria. However, even in Basilicata you can enjoy swimming in the sea.

At the south it is washed by the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea. Basilicata Region is divided into two provinces: Potenza and Matera, in its north-west part there is an extinct volcano Monte Vulture (1,326 m). Find accommodation and hotels in Basilicata: book_hotel_2 travel via italy

Sassi di Matera, Basilicata, Italy
Sassi di Matera, Basilicata, Italy by adrigu

The Greeks and Romans knew Basilicata as Lucania according to the tribe, who lived there already in the 5th century BC. It is mainly a mountainous region with the highest mountain situated in the southern Apennines – Monte Pollino (2,267 m). Basilicata is a beautiful location for lovers of nature (or better lovers of peaks of the Lucanian Apennines and Pollino National Park).

Basilicata region has much in common with the neighboring region of Apulia. Beautiful and wild nature, few but very beautiful beaches, fascinating mountain formations, a large number of ancient Greek monuments and last but not least hospitable and kind people. This area has also a strong tradition of arts and crafts in the form of ceramic products, smiths work and hand-woven woolen fabrics.

Just a low number of visitors who are in Italy for the first time, are staying in Basilicata, although empty mountainous interior is untouched by civilization and the coast is in some places a perfect resting place on the way to Sicily. Although this region does not have very well developed tourism, tourists come here mainly because of history and the sights. Here you can find cities and the whole areas affected by many historical epochs. Whether it is the influence of ancient Greece in Metaponto, or the remains of prehistoric times.

Hero Temple, Metaponto, Basilicata, Italy
Hero Temple, Metaponto, Basilicata, Italy by Asia

Basilicata lives its own life, in every town you will find local market with fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. It is a small tourist region, despite the fact that it offers a lot to see, for example, the town of Matera with its surroundings is one of the sights of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Travelling to Basilicata still retained the symptom of adventure, discovery of past together with a great contact with nature.

Better known place for the mountain holidays is Rionero in Vulture, from which you can get to Monte Vulture. Then there is Lagonegro from where you can get to Monte Sirino (2005 m). Here you can enjoy unforgettable panorama from the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Interesting are the cities of Potenza (Romanesque church from the 11th century, Archaeological collections), Matera, picturesque houses set into the rocky cliffs (Church of St. Mary from the year 718, frescoes from the 11th century, Palaeontological collections), the seaside town of Metaponto (very important ancient Greek monuments), a place where Pythagoras founded the first mathematical school in 507 BC. Worth seeing is also Romanesque church in Melfi, a pilgrimage church in Miglionico and temple in Venosa, the birthplace of the poet Horace.

Maratea Coastline, Basilicata, Italy
Maratea Coastline, Basilicata, Italy by mozzercork

A film “The Passion of the Christ” (2004) was partially made in the town of Matera where are “sassi” (stone houses carved into the rocks). Other places of interest include a town of Maratea with a replica of statue of Christ from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Metaponto with ancient monuments.

Do not forget to try the local cuisine in some hidden pub. Make sure to enjoy the fresh pasta with scamorza cheese or any of the typical desserts such as triangles filled with cream of peas, cocoa and sugar. Then you can take a glass of Aglianico del Vulture wine produced near Potenza.

Top places to visit in Basilicata region

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