Rosolina Mare

Rosolina Mare is one of the best known and most frequented resorts of the Adriatic Sea. It is located about 70 km south of Venice and 10 km from the town Rosolina.

rosolina mare beach

rosolina mare beach

Was founded in 1949, but still lives only in the season, here in the summer is coming up to 50 000 tourists, up from about 400 permanent residents. In winter, therefore, almost nothing works in the summer, however, are colorful and services at high level.

Natural beauty
Rosolina Mare is located in a protected natural park area in the Po River Delta (on the UNESCO world heritage site). Therefore, here the visitor can find not only sea and beaches, but also pure nature (natural channels, wetlands …). Rosolino also lies on a narrow peninsula long, and so far all accommodation up to 0.5 km from the beach (towards the open sea). From the other side of the peninsula is located lagoon towards the beach and no such party is not suitable for swimming. You can but spend their leisure time differently – fishing.
A significant advantage also lies in the fact that the peninsula is growing very large pine forests, which provide shade and also offers opportunities for walking.

Sea and beaches
However, the vast majority of visitors come for the beaches and sea.
The beach is actually there but only one – 8-km-long zone of up to 100 m wide sandy beach. Access to the sea is gentle, suitable for children. The sand is soft and gentle bottom. Here are predominantly paid by the beach, but there are also 7 public beaches, so they are free, but not unkempt. To the south of the resort is located up to 3 km long stretch of public beach, which is much less crowded than the beach in the resort itself, where the beach in the middle are occupied up to the breaking point. The beaches offer a paid service, sanitary facilities, bars and restaurants and are also treated every day.

In the north many local beach begins at the mouth of the river Adige * and * the south end of the Strait, which separates Rosolina Mare from a luxury residential island Albarella. Since the near empty two largest Italian river, there is less salty water and sand is a little clouded. Certainly it is but clean.

Culture Rosolina Mare
Cultural opportunities are enormous. Mainly in the evening and at night the great street turns into a busy resort mall with a diverse range of entertainments. All the fun grows into a rich night life. Rosolina Mare combines the open sea with beaches, inland lagoon and estuaries of large rivers (Adige and fall), and therefore the possibility to combine a seaside holiday with discovering nature.

Options in the neighborhood
About 5 km south of the reservation center is located – Giardino botany (botanical garden, entrance is free, but it is not a true botanical garden, but a nature reserve).
For a tour is definitely the dams and dikes built on large rivers in the area.

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