Skiing in Abruzzo – enjoy skiing with amazing sea views

When it comes to hitting the slopes this winter, there are countless locations all throughout Italy to choose from. But none of them can compare to skiing in Abruzzo where you can view the sea as you make your way down hundreds of kilometres of slopes designed for people of all different skill levels. There are a number of popular resorts in the Abruzzo area to stay in.

For those who chose to visit the Abruzzo region this winter, you can choose from an assortment of first class resorts; all of which offer the latest technologies in snow making capabilities to ensure that there are freshly powdered slopes every single day.

Roccaraso, skiing in Abruzzo, Italy
Roccaraso, Skiing in Abruzzo, Italy by alvise forcellini

With more than 119 kilometres of slopes to choose from, a stay at the Roccaraso or Rivisondoli can be truly exciting. Then there is the very popular Ovindoli, Nevi Gemelle or Campo Felice resorts which offer a consortium pass which gives guests of all three resorts access to more than sixty-five kilometers of freshly powdered slopes. Then of course from the slopes near the resorts of Prati di Tivo as well as Passo Lanciano-Maielletta, you can have a clear view of the sea.

Ski resorts in Abruzzo

Roccaraso and Rivisondoli

Situated at the top of the Altopiani Maggiori Plateau, one will find the some of the finest ski resorts that can be found anywhere in the Appennines. The Rivisondoli and the Roccaraso ski resorts are located at an altitude of just over 1,250 meters up. On one side of the plateau you will find the Abruzzo National Park while on the other side is the Majella National Park. There are 28 different ski lifts that will take you into the Pizzalto, Monte Pratello or Aremogna ski basins which offer more than a hundred kilometres of slopes in total.

Campo Felice

Situated along the slopes of Mount Velino, Campo Felice is a very popular skiing destination in the Apennines. The resort is just under an hour’s drive from the city of Rome and as such, has become one of the more popular destinations in the region. While not offering many slopes on its own, together with the Ovindoli and the Nevi Gemelle resorts, you will have access to more than 65 kilometres of pristine and well manicured slopes.


Situated in the beautiful Sirente-Velino Regional Park, the Ovindoli ski resort can be found at the edge of the Rocche Plateau. Ovindoli is known as being the home of the longest European conveyor belt which is 235 meters long. You can take advantage of the Piani di Pezza which takes you cross country, through the Valle Cerchiata.

Monte Pratello, Abruzzo skiing, Italy
Monte Pratello, Abruzzo skiing, Italy by Lu&Si

Prato Selva

You will find the Prato Selva ski resort at the foot of Mount Corvo, 1,400 meters above sea level. Some of the longest downhill runs in the region can be found at the resort. The resort is located in a historic village which simply adds to the charm of skiing in the region.


You will find the Marsia ski resort on the side of Mount Midia, 1,740 meter up. It has 6 popular downhill runs to choose from along with more than fifteen kilometres of trails for cross-country skiing. The resort is quieter and more peaceful than some of the other locations within Abruzzo.

Campo di Giove

You will find the Campo di Giove facility situated 2,350 meters up on the side of Mount Majella. The resort is known as the highest one in the Abruzzo that is serviced by modern lifts. Nearby, you will also find the quaint villages of Sulmona and Pacentro.

Scanno Passo Godi

Ski resort of Scanno Passo Godi is situated inside the boundaries of the Abruzzo National Park. This particular location is ideally suited for those who want to bring their entire family with them to the slopes. There are countless hiking and cross-country skiing trails located throughout the region that surrounds the facilities.

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