Skiing in Aosta Valley – the finest ski slopes in the Italian Alps

Courmayeur ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy

You will find the very popular Aosta Valley skiing destination snuggled within the Italian Alps. It is here where many of the finest ski slopes can be found. There are more than 753 kilometres of slopes in the region. Each and every single slope within the region is accessible with modern lifts and is continuously groomed using the latest in

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Courmayeur – skiing at one of the most famous places in the Aosta Valley

Gondola at Courmayeur ski resort, Italy

At the foot of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, you can find one of the most famous places in the Aosta Valley – Courmayeur. This destination is situated in the Graian Alps and was famous already in the 17th century, mainly for its healing mineral springs. Now it also offers great skiing possibilities so you can enjoy a

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A Guide to Fénis Castle – one of the most famous castles in Aosta Valley

Fenis Castle, Italy

Fénis Castle is an impressive medieval structure located in the Aosta Valley region of Italy. It is a hugely popular tourism attraction for Italians as well as foreign visitors from around the world. It is so popular primarily because of the classic castle layout and the impressive size of the structure. Its location at the top of a hill and

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