Lago Maggiore – the second largest lake in Italy

Santa Caterina del Sasso at Lago Maggiore, Italy

Lago Maggiore, with a length of 60 kilometres and a depth of 372 metres, is the second largest lake in Italy (just after Lago di Garda). Its northern part belongs to Switzerland, eastern shore to Lombardy and western one to Piedmont. The climate is mild, around the lake you will find rich subtropical vegetation. Like almost all of northern Italian

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Murano: The Glass Making Island

Murano channel, Italy

If beautiful hand crafted glass pieces are among your collectible items, then visiting the beautiful island of Murano should be atop your agenda.  Connected by bridges, this island is actually made up of several small islands that serve only to enhance the beauty of the location. If glass work is all that you are familiar with when it comes to

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