Lago Maggiore – the second largest lake in Italy

Santa Caterina del Sasso at Lago Maggiore, Italy

Lago Maggiore, with a length of 60 kilometres and a depth of 372 metres, is the second largest lake in Italy (just after Lago di Garda). Its northern part belongs to Switzerland, eastern shore to Lombardy and western one to Piedmont. The climate is mild, around the lake you will find rich subtropical vegetation. Like almost all of northern Italian

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Moneglia – a small holiday resort on Riviera di Levante

Coast of Moneglia, Liguria, Italy

Moneglia – small recreation town is located on the Riviera di Levante (“the coast of the rising sun”), between Genoa (55 km) and La Spezia (45 km). Moneglia is surrounded by sloping hills that are covered with wild forests, so it is suitable mainly for lovers of hiking and beautiful nature. Moneglia, which lies directly on the sea, of course,

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Sardinia – an island of stone towers

Tombs of Giants, Sardinia, Italy

Most people imagine lots of holiday places, beaches and hotels when hearing the name of Sardinia. But this is a very simplified view. Sardinia, an island belonging to Italy, is primarily a place with a remarkable history and beautiful nature. How to get there? Of course the best, cheapest and fastest way is by air, but if you really want

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