Gargano National Park – great sea, forests and mountains, what else you need for your next holidays?

Gargano National Park, Puglia, Italy

In the southern part of Italy, you will find the Gargano National Park which covers the area of the Foresta Umbra which was established back in 1977 along with the entirety of Mount Gargano. Within the borders of the national park you will also find the Tremiti Islands which is a small group of islands situated only 22 kilometers off

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Ribera – a small town in Sicily with nice 14th century castle

Ribera, Sicily, Italy

Ribera is a small town in the province of Agrigento in southern Sicily with 20 000 inhabitants. It lies close to the sea at a height of 223 meters above sea level between two valleys (Verdura and Magazzolo valleys) on a plain called San Nicola. The town and its surroundings is predominantly agricultural. But Ribera also offers a lot of

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