The Lesser Known Features Found Touring Venice

Everyone can pick up a tour or guide book, but that doesn’t mean they will suddenly know all the best spots to visit in a place they are only exploring through briefly.

But even more so, if you have already been to the city of Venice, then you have probably seen all the average and regular things that most tours and guides will show you, such as knowing about San Marco Piazza. But what about the other areas of Venice; the lagoon city is made of more than just a few tourist traps, after all.

Huge yacht in Venice, Veneto, Italy
Huge yacht in Venice by Julius for Travel via Italy

So here are just a few places you can find while touring Venice, which you probably won’t know about from just your guide book or what other source you might use.

Rialto Bridge

Although this area is located near the Grand Canal, and the bridge actually hangs over the canal; you will find the main focus to be on the Rialto market on one bank of the bridge.

This area is actually a major commercial centre for Venetian locals but does not often find tourists checking it out to the degree that San Marco might receive.

The best part about this area is the market itself, with plenty of retail shops focusing on luxury goods. It tends to be avoided since there are also a large concentration of banks and similar financial spots.

Rialto bridge market, Venice, Italy
Rialto bridge market, Venice, Italy by Till Westermayer

The Isle of Murano

The glass-making capital of Venice, if there was such a thing. The island piece of Murano has been perfecting their abilities in glass sculptures, lamps and jewelry.

You can even generally visit many glass studios here that will have demonstrations for those interested in it. Of course Murano is not all about glass, they do happen to have a nice Clock tower looking out over the canal and two rather old churches if you are interested in visiting some of those.

Not only can you pick up some interesting glass pieces, but you’ll get to explore a lesser frequented area.

Murano, Venice, Italy
Murano, Venice, Italy by niall62

The Island of Lido

If you are looking for some time to enjoy the sun in the summer and get away from the canals when they do not smell so wonderful. Well you can enjoy Lido’s wonderful collection of beaches, as the island is practically all beached.

It is one of those kept secrets among local Venetians, to keep tourists away from the beaches, but there is plenty of sun and sand to enjoy with this island and more than worth the visit.

Lido beach, Venice, Italy
Lido beach, Venice, Italy by Craig Morey

The Colorful houses of Burano

Another one of the smaller islands of Venice that specializes in colors for the most part. Much of the community’s houses are decorated in some beautiful colors and paintings, and they are very much a place to visit for artists to see the designs crafted.

There are even some famous lace-making artisan shops here that sometimes will offer demonstrations, particularly if you pick up one of the lace-making tours that can be found in the Venice area.

Burano, Venice, Italy
Burano, Venice, Italy by wastl76

Casin dei Nobili

This little hideaway is a previous medieval casino and palace that has more recently become a full restaurant. It is on the other side of the Grand Canal from San Marco, which tends to leave it getting overlooked as an option for a meal.

The prices are also wonderful, especially for the quality of the meal you obtain, which has an exciting variation of all types of traditional Italian meals and even unique ones to Venice. You won’t be disappointed with this place and all the art and food you’ll find.

Casin dei Nobili, Venice, Veneto, Italy
Casin dei Nobili, Venice by MMChicago

There are always plenty of other sights you’ll find, including your basics of the San Marco Piazza, or Doge’s Palace.

And even more you have probably not even heard of, the best way you will find the secret hidden spots that all of Venice has to offer though is by exploring the city. So get out there and enjoy your trip through the less known areas of Venice.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in the night, Venice, Veneto, Italy
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in the night, Venice by Julius for Travel via Italy

Sarah Murphy has worked in Dublin for the last two years as a blogger, web content manager and marketing coordinator. A journalist by training and travel junkie by nature, she regularly travels to Italy for both business and to experience some of the tours of Venice, where she mostly spends her time learning how to blow glass from the pros.

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