Top five things to do in Lake Garda

Located in North Italy, Lake Garda is a hotspot for those seeking beautiful scenery, serene surroundings and a wonderful culture. It is the largest lake in Italy and easily accessible from Verona, Trentino and Brescia and is host to some of the most exclusive hotels in Italy – such as the Hotel Royal Village Leonardo da Vinci and Parc Paradiso and Golf hotel.

With such beautiful surroundings you’d be silly not to go exploring and experience live music, step into history at a selection of museums or hop on a city day trip for some chic shopping and dining.

Lake Garda, Italy
Lake Garda, Italy by Marjolein Knuit

There are quite a few towns and villages around the lake which are steeped in history and like most areas of Italy a number of them have castles. In one town we had to climb a cobbled hill which was allowed us to see multi coloured tiled roofed buildings in these fascinating narrow winding streets to get to the castle.

Fondazione Ugo Da Como

This beautiful Museum is sat on the hillside in Lonato del Garda. Whilst here you be able to explore many rooms which will allow you to see stunning libraries which hold an ancient book collection.

Upon stepping outside you will be graced with private gardens all perfectly groomed and make for fantastic photos. You can end your visit with an area which was admired by Napoleon himself, the Visconti Venetian Fortress.

Lonato del Garda, Lombardy, Italy
Lonato del Garda by Marco Lazzaroni

Parco Archeologico Rocca di Manerba

At present this site is free to visit, which makes it a great option to add to anyone’s holiday plans – although it may not stay free forever!

From up here not only can you explore the ruins and historical artefacts but you view the whole of Lake Garda and take in the true size of this natural wonder.

View from Rocca di Manerba, Lake Garda, Italy
View from Rocca di Manerba, Lake Garda by Alex Ex

Castello Scaligero

For those of you who, like me, absolutely love castles – the location, the history and the building itself, then take some time to visit Castello Scaligero.

It is a castle located in a little town of Sirmione which is a stone’s throw away from the lake and the views are wonderful. Try and time your visit here with the weather, the sunnier the better as you will get a clear view of the lake as well as the castle and hillsides.

Rocca Scaligera Castle, Sirmione, Italy
Rocca Scaligera Castle, Sirmione, Italy by Manfred Heyde

Alto Garda Bresciano

A perfect attraction for those who love the great outdoors. Alto Garda Bresciano is one of the natural parks in Italy which allows you to take part in various activities such as hiking and mountain biking – all equipment is provided there so don’t panic – just make sure you have some good walking boots.

You should have these with you as there is a lot to see and do in Lake Garda, and the best way to see it is by walking which will give you some amazing photos to take home and boast about, obviously.

Alto Garda Bresciano nature park, Lake Garda, Italy
Alto Garda Bresciano nature park by Massimo Telò

Il Vittoriale

Perfect for those who appreciate writers, poetry and play writers. D’Annunzio was all of these and a soldier for his country during World War I, I advise you to read some of his works – the Nocturne and five tales of love and death is a fantastic read and captures his style of writing beautifully.

Whilst visiting his house and after reading about who he was you will better understand the layout and why he has it this way. It isn’t just the house that you can see – you must also take in all of it which gives you the ship, the gardens and the mausoleum.

Il Vittoriale can be found in the hill town of Gardone Riviera.

Il Vittoriale teatro, Gardone Riviera, Italy
Il Vittoriale teatro, Gardone Riviera by BlueSky2012

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