What To Do On A Relaxing Break In Tuscany

Italy’s Tuscan region is a wonderful area filled with beautiful countryside, stunning architecture, and inspirational artwork, and yet with so much to do and see, many who visit the region are in search of one thing: relaxation.

Regardless of the hustle and bustle of some of Tuscan’s cities, there are plenty of places that offer a glimpse at the gentler, relaxing side of the region, which is what makes it the perfect location for those who just want to take a break from their usually busy lives and experience an inspiring culture.

Tuscan landscape, Italy
Tuscan landscape by Francesco Sgroi / License: Creative Commons

A stay in a countryside villa that is submerged in Tuscan culture and spending your time simply relaxing in your surroundings makes for an idyllic break, giving individuals time to recuperate and refresh themselves before returning to their daily lives. Those who are wishing to experience a relaxing trip, may struggle to find peaceful activities to keep them occupied, so here are a few suggestions of what to do whilst taking a slow-paced break in Tuscany.

Finish your Reading List

With busy lives, many of us feel that we don’t have time to complete passion tasks, such as reading. Taking a relaxing Tuscan break is the perfect chance for dog-eared books to be finished, and reading lists to be completed. Whatever part of Tuscany that you decide to holiday in, there are plenty of spaces that are perfect for settling down and finishing, or starting, a book.

Avid readers may even want to pick up copies of literature that was written or set in the area and fully envelop themselves in the scenery. With plenty of art history books depicting journeys through Italian cultural history on offer, a wide range of Tuscan novels, and famous expat autobiographies, those looking for literature set in Tuscany will be spoilt for choice.

Girl reading at the beach
Girl reading at the beach by Pedro Ribeiro Simões / License: Creative Commons

Relax By the Pool

For the ultimate relaxing Tuscan break, visitors may want to rent a stunning villa that has a private pool and spend their holiday taking dips in-between sunbathing sessions and excursions to small towns and villages.

With summer in Tuscany often being incredibly hot, time spent poolside will help cool temperatures, especially when the midday heat becomes too much. Those who wish to take excursions during the day can still enjoy taking a swim in the pool during late afternoons and early evening as a quick swim is an excellent way to unwind after a day spent taking in the sights of Tuscany.

Tuscan villa with the pool at Monte Argentario, Italy
Tuscan villa with the pool at Monte Argentario by David van der Mark / License: Creative Commons

Experiment in the Kitchen

Although for some, the part of the joy of a holiday involves eating out, tasting new food, and not having to cook, those who choose self-catering accommodation and want to feel unrestricted with what they do may want to experiment with cooking local cuisine themselves.

Taking a trip to the local supermarket, or even reading up on the area and finding the best food markets to visit and buying local delicacies, fresh fruit and vegetable and making your own home cooked food can not only be fun but also incredibly relaxing.

Food market in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Food market in Florence by FLORENCEandTUSCANYtours / License: Creative Commons

By Beth Stubbings

Beth Stubbings can’t wait to take a relaxing holiday this year, where she can spend time reading and resting in the sun. She would recommend To Tuscany to those who are after a relaxing Tuscan break.

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