Backpacking in Italy

If you have decided to go and visit Italy then you have made one of the best decisions in your life and I can persuade you in this if you don’t believe me. Italy is actually a great country but what is even greater is the fact that you want to explore the countryside. In order to do so you need to know how to backpack.

Before giving you some important tips I would like to tell you that the best place you should start from is Rome. But before making an important decision such as where to stay – hotel or apartment you should know that it is better to rent Rome apartment. It is true that the prices are not considered to be the lowest on the real estate market but still I think it is better than staying in a hotel.

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy / Photo by Julius

The first and most important tip on backpacking in Italy is that you need to buy a Eurail pass because via it you will get the most travel for your amount of money. Then pick the transport that works perfectly for your travel plans and start comparing the prices. After finding the most suitable one you can start your travel through Italy.

Another option that you can use is the TrenItalia Rail pass – this is a train pass for whole Italy. So this is why you need to make a comparison of prices. My personal opinion is that you need to check out the worldwide known landmarks in Venice. Have in mind that it is extremely easy to get lost there so be very careful. You can always take the water taxi there – it is cheap and it is actually a great way to explore the city.

After Venice you should check out Milan– the grand Cathedral is a must see there. I don’t think I need to tell you where to go in Milan because there are literally hundreds of places worth seeing. The next thing I just want to recommend you is to check out La Scala Opera House.

And last but not least my recommendation is to go shopping. As you probably know Italy is a worldwide known country and it is known for its fashion designers and people who really know what fashion is. I’m pretty sure that everyone is going to find nice clothes in Italy. Anyway, not all of the clothes you are going to like will be cheap but this is completely normal having in mind the facts I mentioned above.

I hope I have helped you with my answer and don’t forget to pay some attention to your accommodation and also don’t forget to compare prices because most often you will be able to find a certain thing cheaper than the price you have initially found it on.

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