Ride down on a Fat Bike in Cortina

fat bike cortina snow

The sun shines high in the clear sky, Cortina is full of snow. This morning i feel like skiing, staying outdoors, and trying someting new. I have been told that on Passo Falzarego, at 2055 metres, at Col Gallina it is possible to ski, but above all to ride down on a Fat Bike. Cortina is the only place in Europe

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The Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage


The splendid natural scenario of the Dolomites has been the backdrop for memorable events and the subject of emblematic fascination: a place where heaven and earth meet, the abode of the gods and the culmination of man’s ascent towards awareness. Since the dawn of culture, the mountains have alwaysexpressed the idea of immutability and at the same time the possibility

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Colli Euganei – Euganean hills, Arquà Petrarca and wine

arqua petrarca

As an archipelago, the Euganean Hills are a group of hills located in the area of ​​the Pianura Padana Valley near Padua. This complex has volcanic hills, generated as a result of submarine eruptions that occurred about 30 million years ago. FLORA AND FAUNA A special feature of the Euganean Hills is its variety of flora due to the different

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Cortina D’ampezzo VIP place on Dolomites for summer holiday

cortina d'ampezzo

Cortina D’ Ampezzo exudes a crisp spring air. A season to live to the rhythm of sport. It ‘s time to replace the bike to travel Dolomites world’s most beautiful, wear comfortable shoes and light to race through stunning scenery, going out for the first walks at low altitude, to discover hidden corners and “private”. The Queen of the Dolomites offers bike paths, running and

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