Diving in Sardinia – enjoy one of the best attractions of this island

If you think that the adrenaline of all tourists in Sardinia rises just above the water, then you are completely wrong. The diving in Sardinia is one of the best attractions which you can experience during your visit of this beautiful Italian island.

The underwater world is simply amazing and you don’t have to travel to far exotic destinations to improve your diving skills among incredible beauty. All fans of diving will be surprised by the hidden treasures in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sea Arch in the Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia, Italy
Sea Arch in the Gulf of Orosei, Sardinia, Italy by heatheronhertravels

The beginner divers and even the experts with special equipment highly appreciate the diving in these places. The beginners can dive in many unique caves and gorges which level of difficulty is appropriate for their abilities.

A real celebration for the eyes is the view of the beautiful and colorful marine flora and fauna. You can easily see the curly red corals with thousands of small fishes around them and the light show that is created by the natural sunlight is like an added bonus that you will never forget.

Ancient roman and fenicians ruins on south Sardinia (Nora), Italy
Ancient roman and fenicians ruins on south Sardinia (Nora) by Andrea Piu

If the deep diving is not for you but you still want to experience something different, then try to visit the ruins of Nora. They are located close to the town of Pula and will be perfect for you if you want to learn more about the great Roman civilization from the first hand.

Well, it’s not only Rome with its Coliseum, there are also many well preserved remains that can grab your attention and imagination.

Roman bathhouse, Nora, Sardinia, Italy
Roman bathhouse, Nora, Sardinia, Italy by claire rowland

After all, to see the marine life from incredibly close distance should be one of your main goals during your summer vacation in Sardinia. The beach can be boring sometimes, but you will never get enough of the diving for sure.

Just about 12 meters below the surface you will be able to enjoy many underwater ruins. There are many wrecks from World War II in the Gulf of Cagliari, Allegro and Porto Conte. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see many divers on the sites coming from around the world to see these particular sank ships.

Nereo Cave, Sardinia, Italy
Nereo Cave, Sardinia, Italy by Marco Busdraghi

If you are real diving enthusiast, then you might also like to watch the marine life of greater depth. The keen divers can explore the largest underwater cave in the Mediterranean Sea – Nereo.

There are also many natural underwater wonders near Tavolara Island and Costa Smeralda that can be seen by experienced divers.

Tavolara Island, Sardinia, Italy
Tavolara Island, Sardinia by Lupanino

The colorful abundance of flora and fauna that can be seen at a depth of about 30 to 50 meters is simply amazing and it is a great stimulus for you to improve your diving knowledge and skills.

It is really recommended to check Oyster cave in Golfo di Orosei. You’ll see rare oysters and other fossils.

Diving in Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy
Diving in Cala Gonone, Sardinia by Roland Schmidlin

It is fantastic to see all these shrimps and mussels in their natural habitats and the submerged columns and stalactites near the top of the cave will add the needed spice to your diving trip.

The diving sites in Sardinia are really a lot and if you have a chance to visit the beautiful island, then make sure to save at least several days just for that pleasant underwater activity.

In the cave, Golfo di Orosei. Sardinia, Italy
In the cave, Golfo di Orosei, Sardinia by Roberto Faccenda

The beauty that you will face and the emotions that you will experience can’t be described in words. You will understand that when you get back home.

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