Egadi Islands – the place that you shouldn’t miss while alive

Situated just of the western Sicilian coastlines you will find the Egadi Islands. The island group consists of three islands including the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo. These three islands are home to more than five thousand permanent residents; most of which reside on the island of Favignana.

The island group has a rich and colorful history associated with it that dates back to the Paleolithic Era. A number of archeological sites in the caves on the islands of Levanzo and Favignana have discovered paintings that date back to both the Neolithic and Paleolithic Eras.

Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy
Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy by roberto

It was here on the shores of islands that the First Punic War came to an end back in 241 B.C. After just having defeated the Carthaginian Fleet off the shores of Sicily, Catulus took possession of the Sicilian Islands in the name of the Great Roman Empire.

There are countless bays and coves that can be found throughout the island group which offer seclusion from the overly crowded beaches of Sicily. Situated only ten kilometers off the coast of Sicily countless people make their way to the Egadi Islands in order to escape the crowds and traffic of Trapani.

Favignana – the largest of the island group

The island of Favignana is not only the largest of the island group, it is also the most populated of the three. Situated only ten kilometers from the Sicilian coastline, the island has grown into a popular tourist destination over the years thanks to the many isolated bays and coves that can be found along the edges of the island. The most popular bay is that of Cala Rossa which is known for its crystal clear waters.

Favignana, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy
Favignana, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy by roberto

The island’s main town which shares its name is known for the huge Fort of Santa Caterina. Originally, the fort was nothing more than a simple watchtower that was built on the island by the Arabs. Later, when the Normans occupied much of Italy, the fort was enlarged significantly so that the Bourbon Kings could use the island as a prison.

There are two piazzas that can be found in the town of Favignana. Bought back in 1874 by the Florio family, the island was home to one of the largest tuna fisheries in all of Sicily. The family even built a palace on the island, the Palazzo Florio, which was constructed back in 1876. Today however, the fishery is almost completely abandoned as the islands are now geared towards the fast growing tourism industry in the area.

Favignana, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy - 2
Favignana, Egadi Islands by roberto

Levanzo – the smallest island

The island of Levanzo is the smallest island of the group. The coastlines of Levanzo are rocky and covered with magnificent cliffs that overlook the surrounding seas. Covered in hills, the island’s highest point can be found at Pizzo dei Monaco which sits at 278 meters above sea level.

There is only a single village that can be found on the island of Levanzo. A vacation on Levanzo is a quiet and peaceful one to say the least. There are only two hotels that can be found on the island of Levanzo. For those who choose to spend their holiday here, you could spend your days walking and swimming as well as going on boat trips to the surrounding islands and islets.

Town of Marettimo, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy
Town of Marettimo, Egadi Islands, Sicily, Italy by JMHannigan

Marettimo – the most isolated one

The island of Marettimo is the most isolated of the three islands and is situated more than fifteen kilometres from the Sicilian shoreline. There is a small village that can be found on the island which is home to several small restaurants. Edged by awe-inspiring cliffs, the views from Marettimo are needless to say, inspirational and breath taking. There are a number of caves that can be found around the island of Marettimo. But the biggest attraction on the island is the ancient Roman ruins that can be found near the island’s only beach.

While isolated from the rest of the Egadi Islands, Marettimo is nonetheless a popular destination in the trio of islands. One can easily access the island from Trapani by hydrofoil during the peak of the tourist season.

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