Enjoy A Highly Gourmet Visit To Montemignaio And Activate All Senses

Enjoy A Highly Gourmet Visit To Montemignaio And Activate All Senses

While most towns in Tuscany feature a large amount of monuments, museums and other historical traces of the Etruscan heritage, the city of Montemignaio is not exactly the ultimate location to visit if you are after a large amount of these objects.

In fact, the entire city can offer you no more than two noteworthy locations to visit. However, the true power of this city is hidden in its offers of some of the most delicate, high quality goods and foods which are widely appreciated on a worldwide level. Your visit to Montemignaio should be gourmet oriented, the most, with a few artistic aspects to follow.

Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta
The Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta is the ornate church of Montemignaio. It features mixed artistic decoration elements, ones characteristic to both the gothic and the Romanesque styles.

It is still under restoration, which began in the year 1950. The interior of the church is discrete and intimate, allowing you to experience a sense of serenity.

The Castle Of The Guidi Counts
The ancient castle of the Guidi Counts is the second landmark worth seeing. While the castle itself is in a very good condition, the walls surrounding it have somewhat crumbled.

In fact, all that is left of this majestic construction dating back to the feudal times are the main tower, the cistern, some of the outer walls and the remains of what used to be the bell tower.

This castle presents one of the finest examples of a medieval castle located in the mountains in the entire Tuscany.

Which delicious gourmet foods should I be on the look out for?

As mentioned before, you can expect to find quite a few exquisite gourmet items on your visit to Montemignaio. If you get the chance, be sure to purchase the famous Casentino ham.

It is delicious and can be found fairly commonly. Other products to look after are the goat cheese, mushrooms and wild berries and fruits collected freshly from the forest, as well as the trout, which is a delicacy itself.

Is there a place where good, traditional Italian food is served?
For the full experience, you should stop by for a meal you will never forget, combined with the perfect atmosphere, live music and the playground for small children. Il Conto De Fuoco (meaning “the song of Fire”) is a beautiful, family friendly restaurant serving the best quality food.

What is the best choice on the menu?
To start off with appetizers, you will have a great choice, such as the traditional cheese platters, the mixed crostini, prosciutto and melon, or caprese with buffalo.

The traditional Italian cuisine can be tasted at its best with most of the pasta dishes being served as the first course. Some unusual pasta-sauce combinations can be seen, such as tagliatelle with sausage sauce. The best one to try are the pappardelle with rabbit sauce, which is very much a specialty in certain parts of Italy.

The main courses have been adjusted in a way which will allow you to experience the authentic Italian cuisine, along with some foods common to the rest of the world.

The top choices seem to be the rabbit stew r the Bistecchina grilled pork. Combine it with the seasonal sautéed vegetables, or French fries, and you will have a complete, filling meal.

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