Isola Rossa – beautiful beaches and the cliffs of red granite

In the Gulf of Asinara, located at the north-western coast of Sardinia, one can find holiday resort of Isola Rossa. There is the old fishing village that has preserved until today and contrasts with modern accommodation complexes.

The area is very attractive not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for the cliffs of red granite lining the coast. The resort is named after the eponymous island that consists of a red granite. Isola Rossa is located on the coast named magically as Costa Paradiso.

Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy
Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy by Michela Simoncini

Costa Paradiso is one of the most famous Sardinian holiday areas lying to the north of the island, between Castelsardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura.

It is suitable for all the lovers of nature, peace and quiet who want a break from the bustle of big cities and tourist resorts. It covers a total of 800 ha and in addition to the coast it includes also mountainous terrain with unique red rocks of various shapes.

Li Feruli beach, Isola Rosa, Sardinia, Italy
Li Feruli beach, Isola Rosa, Sardinia by Alessandro Vecchi

Among the rocks you can discover beautiful beaches with fine white sand with a gradual slope into the sea. They are therefore suitable for families with small children or inexperienced swimmers.

The coast is washed by the azure blue and crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. With a wealth of underwater life the site is a popular also among diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

While diving you can watch the sea daisy, red coral and all kinds of colorful fish that hide in sea caves or hollows. You can even participate in underwater diving excursions. The local diving center offers diving courses for beginners and advanced.

Aragonian tower, Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy
Aragonian tower, Isola Rossa, Sardinia, Italy by Michela Simoncini

In the center of Isola Rossa there are lots of bars, restaurants and pizzerias tempting to taste the local specialties such as crawfish. Shops and souvenir boutiques are open long after dark.

Visitors have the opportunity to rent boats, rubber boats, pedal boats, surfboards and other water sport equipment. For the evening’s entertainment you have a number of dance clubs or nightclubs with live music. For a fee you can use the tennis or volleyball courts.

Isola Rossa coast, Sardinia, Italy
Isola Rossa coast, Sardinia, Italy by Toninaj

Isola Rossa is a great base for exploring the beauty of this part of the island. When you rent a car or bike, you can go to the other resorts on the Costa Paradiso, such as Castelsardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura.

But you can go even farther to Emerald Coast, the city of Alghero, Stintino or Porto Torres.

Isola Rossa is just about historical, archaeological and natural attractions, pristine beaches and peaceful atmosphere.

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