Most beautiful places to visit in Liguria

Liguria, sometimes also called the Ligurian Riviera or Riviera of Flowers is a term that conjures up images of palm trees, tulip fields, beautiful coastline and rich culture. Ligurian Riviera stretches from the French border in the west of Italy to a city of La Spezia.

317 km long coastline is mostly rocky, but there are lots of places where you can swim, it is full of picturesque bays as well as long sandy or flint beaches suitable for children. For those of you, who want to spend quiet holidays at the sea, we recommend bathing on a rocky coast, which is sometimes difficult to access.

For tourists the area is attractive also for its proximity to famous places in France like Monaco, Monte Carlo, San Remo, Cannes. Genoa (Genova) is a Capital of Liguria which is a very important port in Italy, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and the cradle of excellent football team. Find accommodation and hotels in Liguria: book_hotel_2 travel via italy

Manarola - one of five villages of Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy
Manarola – one of five villages of Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy by Andrea Morasso

Landscape off the coast of Gulf of Genoa is protected by mountains that create a nearly perfect barrier against adverse weather conditions. The whole area is facing south, so you can enjoy here an exceptionally sunny weather. Mild winters and hot summers create the ideal climate for subtropical vegetation.

The coast starts blooming from early spring and this charm keep until the late autumn. The narrow pebbled beaches, clear sea, palm promenade and the bustling resorts are typical for this area, which is also known throughout Europe under the name of the Italian Riviera.

Genova Cathedral, Liguria, Italy
Genova Cathedral, Liguria, Italy by Idéfix

Liguria is famous for the cultivation of flowers used for the production of aromatic essences. Apart from the sun that shines here almost all year round, is ideal for visiting some of many picturesque ancient villages with year-round nightlife. It consists of two parts: from Genoa to the west it is called Ponente and vice versa from Genoa to the south is called Levante.

In the area of Ponente most famous resorts include San Remo, Imperia, Alassio, Diana Marina, Pietra Ligure and San Bartolomeo Mare. Towns of Sestri Levante, Cerveteri and area of Cinque Terre are located in Levante. The beaches are diverse, very narrow and they are often artificially modified. If you want to take a mountainous trip, you should definitely choose Cinque Terre offering the rocky landscape with picturesque bays in the south of Liguria.

Cervo, Liguria, Italy
Cervo, Liguria, Italy by Mchidel

Liguria is the sea, mountains and steep cliffs that emerge from the water in the northernmost part of the Mediterranean Sea – Ligurian Sea. It is a fascinating landscape, which makes an impression on every visitor, it is ideal for sightseeing tours as well as hiking trips. It is a dynamic region with a rich history. The famous local history can still be found in the impressive buildings, elegant mansions and magnificent religious monuments which are harmoniously linked here with modern structures.

Top places to visit in Liguria

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