Skiing in Aosta Valley – the finest ski slopes in the Italian Alps

You will find the very popular Aosta Valley skiing destination snuggled within the Italian Alps. It is here where many of the finest ski slopes can be found. There are more than 753 kilometres of slopes in the region. Each and every single slope within the region is accessible with modern lifts and is continuously groomed using the latest in snow making technology.

There are twenty-three resorts in the Aosta Valley region. Five of the largest ski resorts in the country can be found here. All of them are fully equipped and ready to handle the millions who make their way to the Italian Alps every single season.

Courmayeur ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy
Courmayeur ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy by Leo-setä


The resort offers runs that range between 1,800 meters above sea level all the way up to 2,750 meters above sea level. There are 70 kilometres of runs in the area and twenty-two of them are maintained with the latest in snow making capabilities. Ski lifts are available to take the guests of the resort up to the peaks of Mount Couis where you can see a beautiful 360° panorama of the surrounding region. The entire facility is capable of accommodating more then 18,900 skiers every single hour.

Breuil – Cervinia

There is more than 130 kilometers worth of ski runs associated with the resort. Thanks to an international cable-car, anyone who stays at the resort can have access to more than 350 kilometers of runs between the two locations. All of them are serviced by modern ski lift facilities. The Plateau Rosa runs range from an altitude of 3,048 meters above sea level all the way down to 2,050 meters above sea level.

Cervinia ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy
Cervinia ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy by Leo-setä


There are several ski areas associated with the Courmayeur resort. The runs range from a maximum altitude of 3,462 meters above sea level down to 1,525 meters. The entire resort is owned and operated by a cable-car manufacturer which showcases its fine models throughout the region.

La Thuile

Known to be one of the largest resorts not only in the Aosta Valley, but also in Italy, the La Thuile is a very popular destination in the Italian Alps. Located at an altitude of 1,441 meters above sea level, the entire resort covers a glacial basin that offers more than 150 kilometers of runs. There are a total of thirty-eight ski lifts in the area that can take one as high as 2,612 meters up the sides of the Alps. The resort is also known for its 73% grade Berthod run which has been used for countless World Cup downhill races.

La Thuile ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy
La Thuile ski area, Aosta Valley, Italy by Mark Fosh

Monterosa Ski – Ayas-Champoluc

There are two Monterosa Ski resorts in the Aosta Valley. The Ayas-Champoluc facility is a simply amazing resort that not only offers downhill skiing, but also has one of the more popular half pipes in the Italian Alps. The modern ski lifts can take one as high as 2,727 meters above sea level to the Bettaforca Pass. Because of their state of the art snow making capabilities, this ski resort is able to stay open throughout the season regardless of snowfall.

Monterosa Ski – Gressoney-La-Trinité

The Gressoney-La-Trinité resort is one of two Monterosa Ski facilities that can be found in the Aosta Valley region. Located at the base of Monte Rosa, this facility offers one of the most authentic Alpine experiences possible. There are more than 200 kilometers of ski runs that can be found in the area that are serviced with modern lifts.

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