Top 20 reasons to visit Italy by pictures



The 20 photos collect the reasons why any foreigner would want to visit Italy, kidnapped by a particular landscape and, perhaps, a taste. First Place coffee, unbeatable in Italy followed the typical ice cream. Spanish Steps is the ideal place to stop and rest, as well as the Amalfi Coast it is for a weekend vacation. Positano could be easily accessible holiday destination if you live in Italy.
Loved by foreigners are also the Sorrento lemons and the opportunity to have views that leave you speechless. Well-known are the vehicles made in Italy as the Fiat 500 and Vespa.
Cheeses, drinks plentiful, amatriciana and good cocktails like a Negroni is a very good reason, for many foreigners to move to Italy, as is the ability to easily find markets that sell fresh and genuine products in the street. Italy is then appreciated for the art and the fact that in every street of every town there are valuable elements. Particularly popular, from this point of view, is Florence. Notable for foreigners are the numerous churches and cathedrals on our territory by the great artistic and cultural value. Finally, among the many reasons why it is loved the boot is the romance that releases


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