Aprica – great winter but also summer holiday resort

Aprica is a town located in the Dolomites in northern region of Lombardy. It lies near the border with Switzerland. Its history is quite young, because the town was established just in 1848.


Today Aprica is a small modern town, suitable mainly for those loving sports tourism in both winter and summer. It is one of the most famous ski resorts in Lombardy, but also of the whole northern Italy. It is often said that Aprica means “skiing on your doorstep.” This is because there are some slopes that end right at the town streets, so the skiers can then comfortably walk to their hotels or chalets. Aprica is very well equipped for lovers of winter sports.

Aprica, Lombardia, Italy
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There are 20 lifts and altogether about 40 kilometers of ski slopes from the simplest, suitable for young children and families up to the “black slopes”, suitable only for experienced skiers. On the opposite side of the city are prepared trails for cross country skiing. Aprica also offers the possibility of ice skating, or after a long day on the slopes you can relax in public swimming pool.

Summer fun in Aprica

If you visit Aprica in the summer, do not worry that you will have nothing to do here. Even on summer the town prepares several events and funny opportunities. Surrounding mountains attract climbers and tourists who love hiking in the beautiful countryside. There is also an Archery club, which can be quite a good fun. In the town live so-called Murales that are typical for Aprica. They are artists who paint amazing images that look like live on walls and sidewalks.

In August, the festival Sagra di Santa Maria Assunta takes place here, during which is provided interesting entertainment for both children and adults.

You can also sample local specialties such as sausages, polenta or excellent wine from Valtellina.

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