Record heat in summer 2015 in Italy – up to 40 degrees

Record heat in summer 2015 in Italy in July. The hottest month and summer from 1800, with tips up 40 degrees and high umidity! In many regions has never rained causing problems on farms and agricolture. The 2015 summer beaten the 2003 record. This anomalous heat caused 140 dead heat in Turin in just ten days in July, that beaten over 75 years old. This big heat has consequences in the reduction of glaciers like in Aosta Valley. At Electrolux in Forlì, workers went on strike for the high temperature on sheds. Hoping that August will be mild. In Puglia tips of 40 degrees and the most umidity percentage on Pianura Padana in particular  during the night. We suggest to all visitors to Italy to drink lot of water, and not exposing himself in the hottes hours so be carefull.

record heat summer 2015 italy

Curiosity: On Alps and Dolomites, at 3000 mtregistered 15 degrees and the 0 is at 4500 mt!!!

italy glaciers dolomites

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