Mogliano Veneto

Mogliano Veneto is a town in the province of Treviso, situated in a strategic location because it is right at the point where the province of Treviso and Venice meet, standing not far from Treviso and Venice and Mestre. E ‘is often used as a place from which to visit other surrounding attractions, thanks to excellent train connections to destinations already mentioned.

mogliano veneto

However, even the same Mogliano boasts incredible beauty: it is a city of art, to a crawl, a town that will fascinate you with its simplicity. It is a place to visit on foot, walking through its center until reaching the many Venetian villas that are the main feature of this center. They are located along the Terraglio, the most famous and largest city (connecting Treviso with Mestre) some beautiful examples of Venetian villas, complete with a huge garden outbuildings. These buildings sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth century inhabited in the past by the Venetian noble families and have been converted into hotels, places of art and in some cases have remained private.

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The villas are all refined and elegant testimony of the time: it’s luxurious villas also chosen as residence of many important personalities. Just to give an example in one of these villas stayed Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy: the house in question was Villa Condulmer.



In addition to the center of Mogliano Veneto are part of the municipality also some fractions: Bonisiolo, Campocroce, Zerman and the resorts of Morocco and Mazzocco. Bonisiolo is a small rural town, where there is an ancient shrine that was once a destination for many pilgrims. Campocroce is a rural area, which boasts several Venetian villas and several important monuments, in Zerman can admire some frescoes in the parish church that seem to date back to the Veronese. These three fractions are the historic villages of Mogliano, while Morocco and Mazzocco are city neighborhoods become places. In Morocco was the former amusement park Veneland, renowned in the late seventies, it was a small substitute for those who could not go to Disneyland. Nearby Attractions There are also a few mills, among which the mill Valerio located along the river Zero, on the left side of the Terraglio, going towards Treviso.

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Mogliano is often chosen as a place to stay for visiting Venice: the prices in the city of canals are in fact – especially at certain times of the year – prohibitive, Mogliano is therefore an excellent alternative for those who want to save some ‘.

Reach Mogliano Veneto is simple: by plane, you can count on the airport is Marco Polo in Venice on one of Treviso; by train you can reach Mestre (well connected to Turin, Verona and Milan) and on this basis or changing train (is 10 minutes) or bus.

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