Pizzo – specialties, crystal clear sea and lots of historical monuments

In the middle of the steep coast of Gulf of St. Euphemia, between the mountains and the sea, is hidden a small town of Pizzo. The town has a very rich history. One legend even says that it was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Napitia, founded approximately in 1500 BC. The city flourished as early as ancient Greece.

Now it is very modern town, which is sought primarily for its beautiful beaches, high cliffs and blue sea. In the center of town and the surrounding area you will also find a number of historical monuments.

Sea and beach at Pizzo, Calabria, Italy
Sea and beach at Pizzo, Calabria, Italy by bettyx1138

The city is also renowned for its specialties of fish, cheese, aubergines, almonds, honey, figs, pasta and very delicious ice cream produced by long tradition.

Wide beach with coarse black sand is separated from the town only by a small, almost perpendicular cliff. Here you can also find tuff – volcanic ash. Once upon a time, perhaps in prehistoric times, one of the nearby volcanic islands had to experience a catastrophic explosion that threw rain of volcanic ash across the sea through the coast.

Accommodations is provided by very high quality hotel complexes, which in addition to high-quality services also offer a number of other activities and entertainment for people of every age category.

Romantic square in Pizzo, Calabria, Italy
Romantic square in Pizzo, Calabria, Italy by bettyx1138

Nice beaches are washed by crystal clear sea. The water temperature is also very pleasant. Entry into the water is slow.

The town is suitable as a base for taking trips around, for example, you can visit the spa town of Crotone, Capo Rizzuto Marine Aquarium or mountainside Sila National Park.

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