Skiing in Alta Badia – very popular skiing destination within Sella Ronda

Located within the Sella Ronda, you will find the very popular skiing destination known simply as Alta Badia. Every one of the resorts in the area is located more than 1,400 meters above sea level with the highest point in the area at 2,200 meters up. Throughout the entire season, the slopes in Alta Badia are well groomed and constantly covered with fresh powder.

You will find that the views afforded to skiers who make their way to the area are simply breath taking. No matter which resort you stay in you will have some of the finest views of the Dolomites and be able to dine in some of the best restaurants in the area. You will even find that the night life in the region is very lively.

Corvara, Alta Badia, Italy
Corvara, Alta Badia, Italy by Kuebi

There are more than thirty-eight kilometers of cross-country skiing trails that can be found throughout the region. There are several fine resorts in Alta Badia to choose from. Each one has its own special attributes associated with it. If you love cross-country skiing than Alta Badia is one of the best places in Italy to choose from.

Corvara – Colfosco

The cross-country skiing area known as Corvara – Colfosco offers more than fifteen kilometers of trails that will keep even the die-hard enthusiast busy for hours. The scenery afforded to anyone who skis in the area is quite amazing. The trails will eventually take you to the Colfosco Waterfalls which are beautiful even in the winter time.

San Cassiano – Armentarola

There are a total of twenty-three kilometers of cross-country ski trails in the area around San Cassiano and Armentarola. Throughout the lengths of the ski trails, you will see some of the most awe-inspiring views of the Dolomites. There are ski instruction schools in the area as well as a number of bars, restaurants and clubs in the area too.

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