Erice – a centre of the cult of the goddess Venus

Erice (Trapani), Sicily, Italy

At the western-most part of Sicily is a small town of Erice, which was established on the mythical Mount Eryx already at the time of Greek colonization. It was a centre of the cult of the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory – Venus. Her temple stood on the site of today’s Norman castle, just behind the

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Agrigento – well-preserved Greek temples in Sicily

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy 2

The city of Agrigento is located on the southwestern coast of Sicily and has 57,000 inhabitants. It is mainly famous for its well-preserved Greek temples. Agrigento is composed of two separate parts. The first is the city itself, characterized by narrow streets, old stone houses and many shops and bars. This town stands on a steep hill and is mostly

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