Treviso: Most beautiful places to visit and do

See the most beautiful places in Treviso in one day

Treviso is a city with very few extraordinary attractions, yet it is full of romantic corners and charming squares. Within the historic city walls it has been preserved a small medieval village, which is worth a visit in any case. Historic buildings and narrow medieval streets, old water mills, picturesque canals and beautiful porches characterize the image of the city. Come and visit Treviso and discover a world unchanged by time with squares and enchanting.

Treviso is famous for his chicory!

treviso piazza dei signori

Piazza dei Signori

Visit Treviso in a few hours

Within the city walls of Treviso, visitors will discover a beautiful old town. Mind you, to visit the city of Treviso, it will take half a day or a whole day, depending on your desire and physical condition.

  • Our walk starts in the western part of the old town and leads first to the Church of St. Nicholas, where you can admire the frescoes by Tommaso da Modena.
  • Taking the Via Angelo Garbizza, now you reach Piazza Duomo, where stands the monumental Cathedral of Treviso.
  • Along the Via Calmaggiore with its government buildings, you stroll to the main square of Treviso – the Piazza dei Signori with its magnificent palaces.
  • Directly behind the Palace of the fourteenth century you will find the Piazza San Vito with two beautiful chapels. From here within a few steps the small river island Canal Cagnan with the famous fish market.
  • Fish market, will take the Via San Parisio up to the Church of San Francesco, which houses the tomb of Peter, son of Dante.
  • From here it is worth making a short walk to the port of St. Thomas, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Alps.
  • Get back on the Via Filippini and take the Via Roggia – probably one of the most beautiful streets of Treviso with many picturesque houses and charming squares.
  • Culture vultures should now do just pop the Museum Luigi Bailo, which displays paintings by famous Venetian artists. To return to the starting point, take the Viale Cesare Battisti.

If you want to take a short break to rest a little bit, you can choose from the many cafes and local, is scattered in Piazza dei Signori and around the rest of the city.

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