Skiing At Tarvisio And Sella Nevea

Unless you happen to live in a mountainous region, skiing is an expensive hobby to put it mildly. When you add up the cost of the flights, accommodation, lift passes and equipment it can all be a bit eye watering leaving all but the wealthiest travellers having to confine themselves to just one trip each year if they are lucky.

When I first took up the sport I nearly had a coronary when the full extent of the expense involved dawned on me and I immediately set about trying to find a way to preserve at least a bit of my hard earned cash.

Tarvisio, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Tarvisio, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy by Alessio Milan

Searching for a Bargain

My considerable research into the subject revealed that there is indeed no such thing as cheap when it comes to snow sports but cheaper is certainly possible if you are careful about where you go.

Advanced skiers on their main holiday of the year can probably justify a stay in a prestige resort but for beginners and those looking for a short break there are some big advantages to the lesser known destinations and two worth considering are Tarvisio and Sella Nevea in the Julian Alps of north eastern Italy.

Monte Forato, Sella Nevea, Julian Alps, Italy
Monte Forato, Sella Nevea, Julian Alps by chripell

Accomodation and Lift Passes

Neither resort is going to excite the experienced skier looking for black runs and a vast expanse of varied pistes to take on, but for those starting out or looking for a quick fix either centre would be an excellent choice. Both sit close to the Slovenian border affording the opportunity to take advantage of the cheaper accommodation available there.

It is just a short drive over the Predil Pass to the Bovec region of Slovenia and the pass is open year round. Both resorts can be skied with a Promotur lift pass which is considerably cheaper than the norm. The resorts are just a few miles apart making visiting both on the same holiday easy if you are looking for variety.

Skiing at Monte Lussari above Tarvisio, Italy
Skiing at Monte Lussari above Tarvisio by Alessio Milan

The Runs

Tarvisio is the perfect place for beginners with several nursery and blue runs and there are enough red runs to keep intermediates happy for a couple of days. The resort boasts 19 pistes in total and 10 lifts.

Sella Nevea is also great for beginners but the two runs from the top of the mountain to the valley are challenging enough to satisfy all but the most accomplished skiers. There are 11 pistes including an impressive 2400 metre descent and six lifts.

White rocks at Sella Nevea, Italy
White rocks at Sella Nevea by why 137

Everything You Need

It is fair to say that the terrain isn’t going to blow any one away at either resort but the prices are low, there is plenty of parking close to the lifts and all the facilities you need including equipment hire and ski schools. What really makes these destinations worthy of consideration, however, is the lack of people. If you hate queuing for lifts and love empty pistes then both Sella Nevea and Tarvisio will put a smile on your face because they never seem to be busy. Neither resort is remarkable but at half the price of the top destinations in Austria, France and Switzerland they are a great choice if you are on a budget.

Sally Stacey is a keen writer, business owner and traveller who divides her time between writing, tunning her shop and taking as many holidays as possibe!

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