There’s no place like Rome: A little taste of magic!

Chocolate Store

Chocolate is one of, so if you are looking for something a little more special to give to your sweet toothed loved one this Easter, or simply as a treat for yourself (go on, you deserve it) then the Moriondo and Gariglio chocolate shop in Italy’s capital will certainly not disappoint. Chocolate Store Rome’s sinful indulgences When I was in Rome earlier

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Genoa – the most important port in Italy and birthplace of Christopher Columbus

Piazza de Ferrari, Genova, Italy

Before the unification of Italy, the country was divided into many small states, but only few of them were of some greater importance. Among the most powerful states were Genoa, Venice, Pisa and originally also Amalfi, later conquered by Pisans. Genoa (Genova in Italian) is situated on the Ligurian Coast, which is actually an area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea. It

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Cervo – one of the most beautiful towns in northern Italy

Cervo, Liguria, Italy - 2

Cervo is situated in the west of the northern Italian region of Liguria and ranks among the most beautiful towns in northern Italy. Even today Cervo retained its amazing medieval atmosphere. During its history, the town passed through the various state departments and the domination of various dynasties. From the Roman Empire, through the Maltese knights or Sardinian kingdom just

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