Oliveri – tranquil village with turquoise lagoons

Oliveri, once a fishing village, is now a picturesque sea-side resort situated on the northern coast of Sicily, between the large cities of Palermo (180km) and Messina (55km). This otherwise tranquil village comes alive especially during the summer months when there is the highest concentration of tourists.

Actually the tourists can swim here already from the early May (more hardy even earlier I suppose) until late October. The village retains its ancient atmosphere and is surrounded by lush exotic vegetation.

Oliveri - a view of Tindari, Messina, Sicily, Italy
Oliveri – a view of Tindari by Julius for Travel via Italy

Coastline with beautiful bays is surrounded by crystal clear waters of Tyrrhenian Sea. Beaches have a gradual entry into the sea, composed of fine sand and small pebbles. The location is sought after by the families with young children, as well as less experienced swimmers.

In addition to the main beaches, there are also a number of smaller turquoise lagoons. From the coast you can enjoy a pleasant view of the nearby Aeolian Islands as well as of the Sanctuary of Tindari which is towering on the big hill above the village.

Sanctuary of Tindari, Messina, Sicily, Italy
Sanctuary of Tindari by Julius for Travel via Italy

Oliveri is the perfect place from where you can organize trips to northern and central parts of the island. The village is located near the town of Tindari, which is known for its pilgrimage church of the Black Madonna (Sanctuary of Tindari).

It is the youngest Greek colony of Tyndaris on the island of Sicily, which was founded in 396 BC. In Tindari you can also visit the archaeological excavations park of this former colony lying on a rocky massif high above the sea level.

From this hill you will experience a great views of the sea and surroundings as well as the Lagoons of Tindari (known locally as “The tongue of sand / Linguetta di Sabbia”) that are accessible through the village of Oliveri.

The tongue of sand (Linguetta di Sabbia), Oliveri-Tindari, Messina, Sicily, Italy
The tongue of sand, Oliveri-Tindari by Julius for Travel via Italy

Do not forget to visit the nearby volcanic Aeolian islands – the best way is to take a ferry from the nearby Milazzo (30km).

If you have already enjoyed a lot of sea on your holidays here, you can go for a trip to the Nebrodi Mountains and explore some of the finest forests in all of Sicily.

Mountains are located just 50 kilometers from the village, while the whole Natural Park of Nebrodi Mountains is covering an area of about 50,000 hectares. Therefore if you wish to go through the whole mountain range it is better to take a bike with you or to spend few days hiking.

Turquoise lagoons in Oliveri, Messina, Sicily, Italy
Turquoise lagoons in Oliveri by Julius for Travel via Italy

The Natural Park of Nebrodi Mountains is adjacent to the Regional park of Etna volcano so if you still have some days available you can spend one of them here, on the top of the biggest active European volcano.

Etna is 100 kilometers away of Oliveri but it is always visible from any place of this part of Sicily.

Oliveri is smartly situated on the main railway line so it is very easy to visit other pearls of Sicily such as the town of Cefalu (115km) or Taormina (100km). You can also rent a boat in Oliveri (or ask some of the willing local people) and go for a short trip to the well-known luxury resort of Portorosa (7km) that was artificially created just for the tourists.

Medieval city of Cefalu, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Medieval city of Cefalu by Julius for Travel via Italy

There are lots of great accommodation options in Oliveri, including campings, villas, residences, but you can also rent a flat from the locals. There are many pizzerias, bars and shops offered at the highest level of service.

I was lucky enough to spend 2 amazing months in this charming village which I never forget so I can only recommend that to all of you as well! If you are also going there and need some more info, just comment on below.

We stayed in beautiful Residence La Tonnara for three weeks and then moved to a flat close to the train station. La Tonnara is old fishing manor, now featured with swimming pool, restaurant and the courtyard that is full of flowers and palm trees resembling botanical garden.

Sunset in Sicily, Italy
Amazing sunset taken from The Tongue of Sand in Oliveri by Julius for Travel via Italy

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