Most beautiful places to visit in Sicily

With an area of ​​25,709 square kilometers, Sicily (Sicilia) is the largest island of Italy. Already for centuries it has been called “Island of the Sun” and is characterized by the subtropical climate with the hot summers and mild winters.

Sicily boasts the unique beauty of the landscape, nice beaches, a number of ancient monuments, among which are also well-preserved Greek temples and original buildings from the Norman period. Sicily is a very popular tourist area throughout the whole year. Find accommodation and hotels in Sicily:  book_hotel_2 travel via italy

Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
Cefalu, Sicily, Italy / Photo by admin

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean as well as the largest and southernmost region in Italy. From the Italian mainland is separated by the Strait of Messina, which at its narrowest point measures just 3 kilometres. It is situated about 140 kilometres from Africa. The island has a triangular shape and is washed by three seas – the Tyrrhenian Sea at the north, the Mediterranean Sea from the south and by Ionian Sea on the east.

Sicily has also a large number of islands: to the north are the Aeolian islands (Eolie) and the island of Ustica, to the west are Egadi islands and to the south the Pelagie islands and Pantelleria. The island of Sicily is divided into nine provinces – Agrigento, Caltanisetta, Catania, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa and Trapani. The capital of the island is Palermo.

Palermo Cathedral, Sicily, Italy
Palermo Cathedral, Sicily, Italy / Photo by admin

The symbol of Sicily is its highest peak Mount Etna (3343 m), the largest still active volcano in Europe. North of Sicily are other islands (not of volcanic origin only), best known of which are Stromboli and Vulcano. Sicily is a popular travel destination for many reasons. There is a beautiful clean sea and great beaches, but also lots of historical monuments including well-preserved ancient temples. The ideal sunny climate allows swimming and sunbathing from early May to late October.

Greeks were first nation that began to colonize the island, later the Carthaginians. Unforgettable sights have been left here by Byzantic or Arabs. Very interesting Sicilian attractions include various marketplaces, exotic cuisine and exotic vegetation. Sicily is linked to the Italian mainland by scheduled air services and also regular ferries shipping between Calabrian port of Villa San Giovanni and Messina in Sicily.

Top places to visit in the region of Sicily

Once you are in Sicily, do not miss the following places:


Acireale is a baroque town that is full of history life. It has fabulous lava formations and is near the magical town of Taormina. It is home to the famous St. Sebastian Basilica and other ancient infrastructures. The town is also lined with thermal baths that offers comfort and relief to your aching bodies.

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Acireale, Sicily, Italy
Acireale by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

Aeolian Islands

Also referred to Isole Eolie or simply Lipari, this part of Sicily is composed of seven islands. It has a number of volcanoes like Stromboli. The Island of Vulcano is also visited for its sulfur lake which boasts of therapeutic effects. Its rugged coastline, beautiful weather and landscapes are best for hiking, swimming or simply sight viewing its magnificence.

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Bathing on Vulcano island, Lipari, Sicily, Italy
Bathing on Vulcano island, Lipari by Julius for Travel via Italy


This small and quaint island is the place to go to if you want some peace and quiet time. This town is far away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city and only has one hotel to serve all tourists and only a handful of restaurants. The Filo Dell’ Arpa is one of the must-see summits where most tourists trek to and enjoy the view from above.

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Alicudi island, Aeolian islands, Sicily, Italy
Alicudi island by Figiu


This one is popularly called the wild pearl. It has been in existence since the Bronze Age and is home to several small villages. It has one big hotel in the port area and as you take the main road, you can see amazing prehistoric ruins that dates back 1950’s.

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Rocky coastline of Filicudi island,, Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Italy
Rocky coastline of Filicudi island by Ghost-in-the-Shell

Island of Lipari

This Island is home to a number of good hotels, fine restaurants and relaxing beaches. It is one of the best dive sites in Sicily with a very lively nightlife. The Palazzo Vescovile can give you a quick history of the town’s rich past where many Neolithic artifacts are displayed.

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Lipari, Aeolian islands, Sicily, Italy
Lipari, Aeolian islands by Florent


The Panarea will impress you with its Greek-inspired homes with overlooking view of the sea. You can feel luxurious while travelling its roads and it welcomes private yachts during tourist season. Cala Junco is a popular spot in Punta Milazzese, which gives you a great view of the ocean and the landscapes of the island.

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Panarea, Cala Junco at Punta Milazzese, Lipari, Sicily, Italy
Panarea, Cala Junco at Punta Milazzese by Ghost-in-the-Shell


This is the largest of the Aeolian Islands. It has a good cultivation of interesting fruits and greeneries like capers and grapes. It is also where you can find the twin volcanoes of Monte Fossa dell Felci and Monte dei Porri which rise to 965 and 850 meters. Because of these landforms, Salina has been very fertile and rich in agricultural products.

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Salina, Lipari, Sicily, Italy
Salina by Ghost-in-the-Shell


Also known as the Mediterranean Lighthouse, it is right between Sicily and Italian mainland and home to active volcanoes. It is a beautiful island with black sand beaches and long shores. It is also home to a number of interesting archaeological sites. People love to visit the Sciara del Fuoco and join in the guided tour held by the local tourism group.

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Stromboli, Lipari, Sicily, Italy
Stromboli by Giovanni


This island has a number of mud baths and thermal springs that attract visitors every year. The Fossa fi Volcano is a popular place to visit and people can go visit its crater too. Geological formations are also as interesting in the Valley of Monsters where volcanic rocks are sculptured by the sea breeze over the years.

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Crater Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Italy
Crater Vulcano by Jean


For those who are yearning to take a look at historic Greek temples, Agrigento is the place to visit. It has old stone houses, steep hills and interesting summits. Be impressed with high cathedrals with terraces that can give you the best view of the nearby sea. The Valley of Temples is equally unique and stunning with its historic excavations and ancient temples.

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Temple of Concordia, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Temple of Concordia, Agrigento by Jose Gonzalez

Alcàntara Gorge

Home to Alcàntara River which gives a steady stream of water in Sicily, Alcàntara Gorge is a popular tourist attraction with rivers, mountains and lakes. From Motta Camastra, you can trek down the Gorge and through the Canyon. During the trek, you can cool down in its river and be astounded with its luscious greeneries and flora.

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Alcàntara Gorge, Sicily, Italy
Alcàntara Gorge by Richard Allaway


The Island of Avola belonged to the list of UNESCO World Heritage List of 2002. It has five piazzas and surrounded with agricultural haven and wine yards. It has a number of restaurants, bars and has an appealing nightlife. It has several Baroque inspired structures with very high artistic value.

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Avola, Sicily, Italy
Avola by Azotoliquido

Cavagrande Cassibile Canyon

Right in the heart of Hyblaean Mountains of Sicily, one can find this exotic Canyon right beside the Cassible River. It is about 10 kilometers in length with a quaint Sicilian countryside. The cliffs are equally amazing with several waterfalls and rivers. Tourists can take a dip in some of the allowable areas all throughout the valley.

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Cavagrande Cassibile Canyon, Sicily, Italy
Cavagrande Cassibile Canyon by Simona Di Salvo


It is a medieval town in northern Sicily with little modernity. One can visit the La Rocca, a famous cliff which used to be a fortress. The coast of Cefaly is surrounded by relaxing sandy beaches while the Piazza Del Duomo is line with cafes and restaurants. Cathedrals are also scattered around the town and some of them home to the artworks of Christ in Western.

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Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
Cefalu by Julius for Travel via Italy

Egadi Islands

Egadi consists of Marettimo, Levanzo and Favignana. It has a rich history that dates back the Paleolithic Era. Here, you can find caves, archeoliogcal sites and paintings of the past centuries. Bays and coves lined the island and it also has quiet beaches that are great places to go to if you want to wind down and relax.

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Favignana, Egadi islands, Sicily, Italy
Favignana, Egadi islands by roberto


This small town is known to be the mystical Mount Eryx. It is the hub of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. The Norman Castle is said to be her temple and you can find it today just right behind the Villa Ballo. It has cobbled streets and Village Mountains that are very unique and inviting.

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Chiesa della Matrice and bell tower, Erice, Sicily, Italy
Chiesa della Matrice and bell tower, Erice by Yellow.Cat

Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve

This piece of land in Sicily is home to some of the exotic animal species that are seen only in the island. It is also rich in history because the earliest settler of Sicily is said to live here firstly. One of the notable places to see is the Uzzon Cave. The reserve is home Sea Lavenders, Wild Carnations, Strawflowers, and the Bonelli’s Eagle.

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Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, Sicily, Italy - 2
Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve by Salvatore Ciambra

Mount Etna

Mounta Etna is the largest volcano, not only in Italy, but in entire Europe. It is located at the eastern coast of Sicily. It is towering at 3329 meters and is still in active status as of today. The eruption of the volcano makes nearby land very fertile and is now the location of very famous vineyards.

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Etna above the clouds, Sicily, Italy - 2
Etna above the clouds by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

Giardini Naxos

Just near Taormina, Giardini Naxos is a small resort that is visited all year round. People go here to swim, fish or just spent a quiet time with nature. Looking centuries back, it was the first Greek colony in Sicily and dates back 735 BC. You can also find here museums, great sand beaches, and sparkling seas.

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Giardini Naxos, Sicily, Italy - 2
Giardini Naxos by


This small quiet town is home to Monreale Cathedral that also goes by the name of Old Norman Kingdom which was built way back the 12th century. Outside you will find the monastery and a court with 228 column pairs. Monreale is very near Palermo and here you can find churches with great mosaics, which are often seen in postcards.

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Interior of Monreale Cathedral, Sicily, Italy - 2
Interior of Monreale Cathedral by pjt56

Oliveri / Tindari

This quaint fishing village is a sea resort located at the northern coast of Sicily. It has beautiful bays and clear waters brought to you by the Thyrrhenian Sea. One can also take a dip at turquoise lagoons or get a glimpse of the Sanctuary of Tindari. It is also near the volcanoes of Aeolian Islands, mountains and nature parks.

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Turquoise lagoons in Oliveri by Julius for Travel via Italy
Turquoise lagoons in Oliveri by Julius for Travel via Italy


The proud capital city of Sicily, Palermo is a mix of culture and traditions brought about the inhabitants of the city years back. These include Romans, Arabs, French, Austrians and Spanish, among others. Their influences are evident in the numerous architectural infrastructures in the city. The center of transportation here includes the Piazza Verdi, Porta Felice and Porta Nuova.

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Palermo Cathedral, Sicily, Italy
Palermo Cathedral by Kiban

Pantelleria Island

Also known as the Black Pearl of Mediterranean, Pantelleria has a unique land composed of black volcanic rocks. It is a volcanic island located right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The gentle breeze of the sea attracts tourist from all over the globe. The Dammusi, homes built with lava stone, are also main attractions.

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Pantelleria, Sicily, Italy
Pantelleria by Gino Roncaglia

Pelagian Islands

A few hundred kilometers from Africa, Pelagian Islands sit quietly right at the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It has three islands included in the archipelago including Linosa, Lampione and Lampedusa. This isolated island is home to fine sand beaches and pristine sea waters that is totally heaven for divers and nature lovers.

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Conigli islet, Lampedusa island, Sicily, Italy
Conigli islet, Lampedusa island by Luca Siragusa


Portorosa is an artificial resort with natural beauty. It is where most yachts and boats rest and where tourists enjoy their holidays. The artificial harbor features a canal that leads to the beach. Luxury travelers will lavish to its five start hotels like the Hilton Hotel and Blu Hotel. It has a beautiful countryside and gives you a perfect view of the Aeolian Islands.

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Portorosa, Sicily, Italy
Portorosa by betty x1138


Ribera is a small province of Agrigento and right smacked between Magazzolo and Verdura valleys. Its agricultural land is precious and line with many cultural and historical monuments. The Church of Our Lady is a famous town hall with a touch of the 18th century glamour. It is also home to many resorts with beautiful beaches and nearby coastal towns.

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Lungomare di Seccagrande, Ribera, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Lungomare di Seccagrande, Ribera, Agrigento by Figiu


Segesta is a small town and inhabited by the Elymian people centuries back. One of its main attractions is the historical Doric Temple. There are many battle that town witnessed to since 415 BC. The auditorium in the rock is worth visiting as well as the different historical sites scattered all over town.

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The Doric temple of Segesta, Sicily, Italy
The Doric temple of Segesta by Alec

Sicanian Mountains

The first inhabitants of the Sicanian Mountains is an ancient tribe named Sikanians, from where the mountain got its name. The towering peak can be viewed from Ficuzza. The Rocca Bussambra towers a total 1613 meters, which makes it the tallest mountain of the Sicanian bunch. Another popular peak is Mount Cammarata. Down below, the mountain sides are lush forests and rich greeneries great for sightseeing and picnics.

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Sicanian Mountains, Sicily, Italy
Sicanian Mountains by Carlo Columba

Sicilian Coastal Islands

Sicily is a famous destination all season. It prides itself of the Sicilian Coastal, Aeolian, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria, Ustica and other beautiful islets. It is home to numerous fine sand beaches, mountains and volcanoes. You can find numerous spa centers that are a mix of thermal springs, healing mud and therapeutic sand beaches that are truly captivating and relaxing.

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Aeolian islands taken from Vulcano, Sicily, Italy
Aeolian islands taken from Vulcano by Julius for Travel via Italy


Syracuse was founded by the Greeks in 733 BC and was eventually conquered by the Romans. It is has a number of historical sites, romantic spots and natural attractions. One of the must-visit places is the Sea Gulf of Port Grande, the Island of Ortigia, the Christian Cathedral and Sicilian Doric Temple di Apollo. There is also a modern city in the other part of the island with good restaurants and hotels for tourists.

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Piazza Duomo, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy
Piazza Duomo, Syracuse by Tango7174


Taormina is one of the most visited places in Sicily. It has a nice romantic breeze and is quite magical at 200 metres above sea level. From the top, you get a good view of Mount Etna and the Ionan Sea. It is home to Taormina’s Teatro Greco that still retains its beautiful stone stage. You can find commerce at the Piazza IX Aprile which is lined with restaurants, bars and cafes.

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Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Taormina by Tango7174


Trapani is a city and port on the westernmost tip of Sicily with about 70,000 inhabitants, lying on a narrow peninsula jutting into the sea. There are great views of the city from the surrounding hills, from where you can also see the nearby Egadi islands. Among the most important sights are the Cathedral and the Jesuit church of Chiesa del Collegio dei Gesuiti. The most impressive street is then Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

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Trapani from mountains, Sicily, Italy
Trapani from mountains by Myke B

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